Dear Diary, God, Me and Everybody Else, 23rd January 2014


Firstly it has been a very long and stressful week. Was so anxious about my upcoming benefit appeal that the later part of last week was spent with me not being able to cope very well at all with everyday things and spend a lot of the time nodding off or just not being able to concentrate at all. It is all over now though thank goodness.

Having to go to Norwich and stay at my mothers did help somewhat I don’t know why but it’s just being near your Mum it just helps. We got to catch up and chat about everything and nothing and we did till the early hours after all when I’m nervous and stressed and need to sleep I never seem to mange it. The kids also got to see their other Nanny. The meeting itself took as long as the original medical but the questioning was more through and they actually waited for me to stop crying and speaking and they listened and didn’t talk about themselves. It was hard just being there but they didn’t keep me waiting long at all so that helped and after they asked me everything and even asked my partner if he wanted to add anything they asked us to go back to the waiting room where I must have drunk nearly a pint of water to replace what I had cried out. 10 minutes felt like hours but when we went in they soon told me that my appeal was successful and that they would inform the jobcentre that day. So that was it. Such a relief after five months of feeling like I was misunderstood or called a liar and having to worry and be scared all over in 40 minutes. The first thing I did was sat a little prayer of thanks. It is like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and  my dark cloud isn’t quite as dark now I don’t have to worry about money and going to the jobcentre.

Also had a lovely thing happen this past week. Went to the shop with my partner and realised that The Sun newspaper have started their holiday tokens off for this year but when we got home and read the paper we realised that it was already over half way through and so even if we got all the papers until the end we still wouldn’t have enough to get a holiday. So what we thought was a good thing turned out to be an annoying thing. I think it was the next evening when I couldn’t sleep and I was using my beloved Facebook and one of the groups I am a member of on there and had a brainwave. (They don’t happen very often.) So my brainwave was to ask the people in the group if anyone else was collecting them so we could swop the token codes but as fate would  have it one of the kind members said she had all the codes and would post them for me. So that just made me feel so grateful and happy that someone else did a generous selfless act and for that my family can now look forward to it’s first ever holiday. It took a while to go through the list of all the local ones we could get to as we will have to rely on a family member to take us or get buses so it had to be local ish. You are allowed to pick four places and dates and we were very lucky to get our first choice and as much as I need the break I listened to my partner who made me pick a date in may. So we are going to a place in the woods not that far away but the park looked brill and we all like the trees and we always go to the local beach so why go on holiday near one as well. So am really looking forward to it even if it’s just for 4 or 5 days it’s a holiday with just us. No mothers apart from me allowed, lol. We really need it as a family and especially after all the stress we have had and hopefully it will tide us over until we get our own house.

Other news or good things: Had a nice meal with my Mum and my niece as well as my partner and children. So that was good. My partner and I made my Mum a pheasant curry and she loved it. I got a lovely letter from a new penfriend. I also received a locket in the post but I got this for a swop of one of my many bags, so had to actually send the bag. Oh not so good news I lost a tooth and the tooth fairy didn’t come. You’d know that already if you have read my Quires and random thoughts category as I made a post about it in there. It amused me. Lol

So I have survived another week. Hope you have too. Much love to you all and thanks and praises to you my Lord my God. xXx


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