Reading again for me 2013

I encourage my son to read, however this tale is about how he unknowingly reminded me about how much I love reading.

We both got board of the ones we had at home even the ones we both love and read again and again and again. So last summer I took him to the Library so we could borrow something different for me to read to him and we stumbled upon the library’s reading challenge for children. Despite my son only being 2 1/2 years old at the time they said it’s all about encouraging them to read and use the library so before I knew it we weren’t just borrowing a few books we were taking part in this years challenge but it did us both good. Why I hear you mumble to yourself inside your heads, well it’s simply like everything else when you become a parent you put yourself on the back burner and put your child or children’s wants and needs ahead of your own so much so that you forget so much of yourself. The whole point of me encouraging my son to read is not only is it healthy and helps him in his development but I love it and want him to love it too. I want to encourage his use of his imagination and reading is a great way to do that but that’s it since he was born all I have done is read stories and books to him and have given up reading for my own pleasure and quite by accident I picked up a book in the children’s section on one of our visit’s during the summer. It was Anne of Green Gables, a book I have always wanted to read but have never seen anywhere until right then. So I did it automatically, picking it up I mean. My son carried on roaming the shelves that day till we got his usual the limit of books he’s allowed.(10) Then we went to use the self service machine that he loves and when he had finished his he was as shocked as me that I had to do it for myself although he insisted on putting my book in the monster scanners mouth for me.

Anyway instead of just reading to my son on the bus on the way home and then when he went to bed that night. I also started to read Anne of Green Gables when I went to bed that night, and it all came flooding back… you know that part of yourself you’d forgotten even existed. It’s not the same reading a children’s story (as they let you cheat on your imagination by having too many pictures. Lol) It was like meeting up with an old friend I hadn’t seen in years. (Also kinda true as I hadn’t read a novel since I was pregnant nearly 3 years previous.) I found apart of me that I love the solitude of myself and the voice in my head as I read that story and I had misted that part of me and the act of doing it and feeling a story and losing oneself in that story and for just a little while becoming someone else as you become part of the story you are reading while you are reading it. I needed it! I can not quite believe I have never read that book before and am intending on borrowing and reading the other stories about Anne as thanks to her I started reading again.

As it had been nearly three years since I had read a novel, it did take me nearly 6 weeks to read and I only just managed it in the time that you are allowed to have a book out on loan from a library. I used to be able to read a book of that size, (approx. 600 pages) in no more than a couple of days. Admittingly I didn’t have two young children who wanted my attention so I could just read it all day back then.

Anyway I’m losing the point I was reading again and I now I didn’t have anything to read. So the next time I took my son back to the library I looked but could not find anything that jumped out at me and realised after such a classic book I would need something a little different but equally special. So as if by fate later that day I had to go to the supermarket to do some shopping and low and behold on a shelf stood a book by one of my all time favourite authors… Sir Terry Pratchett. (Need I say more.) I adore his disc world series, although I haven’t even read half of them but I am getting there. However this one was not one of those but a story not of the disc. So it was a little bit of a gamble but it was Terry after all. So I brought the book (Full price and for me that is rare.) that’s how much faith I have in my enjoyment of his work. I was right as soon as I started it I was hooked. Oh the book was called “DODGER”. It was not as upbeat and funny as his disc world novels but then I wasn’t really expecting it to be and it still kept me on the edge of my seat not really knowing what on earth was going to happen next. It even taught me a few things about the history of London. I think it even made me cry. So it was definitely a very intriguing book and it didn’t take me quite as long to read it as the last which meant I was exercising my brain again. So definitely back in the habit of reading but I needed one more book to see me through to Christmas/new year and the library helped again and it was another although smaller book from the children’s section. It was called “Whispering to witches” and was a easy and light read but still very interesting and not quite what I was expecting and it kinda was set around Christmas so I thought it quite fitting. So thanks to encouraging my son and finding a book I have wanted to read since I was a child I am now a reader again and it feels so good.


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