Reading shelf – My list of books waiting to be read…


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  4th February 2014

After kick starting my love affair with reading again last year and warming up I have decided that I am going to try and read all the books that I own that I have not yet read. Yes I know, its bad that I have books just waiting to be read, ones that I brought and that have just sat there being neglected, poor things and some of them have been there for quite sometime in fact. Well that is going to change now and to prove I am serious I am writing a list. This is because in other parts of my life when I need to do something, I make a list and tick each item off as I’ve done it and it always seems to encourage and remind me to do said things. The problem with this however is I have to stop looking at books in the library and in charity shops and the like or I will keep adding to this and never get through it. Due to the fact I will add to this list I am not going to put a deadline to it, even though as a rule I usually work better to deadlines. Reading is not something that can be rushed. Although sometimes one can read a book very fast but you should not try to but if it happens, it’s all good.


So here lies the books that I have that I need to read:

(The first three are library books so I do have a deadline on them at 6 weeks. I don’t usually get this many out at one time but I just couldn’t resist. So fingers crossed for me.)

*1) The art of leaving. By Anna Stothard


*2) Snuff. By Terry Pratchett


*3) The Farmers wife. By Rachael Treasure

The farmers wife

These ones are all books I own and they are just in the order I wrote them down in.

4,5 & 6)The fifty Shades trilogy. By EL James


7, 8, 9 & 10) Twilight Saga Stephanie Meyer.


*11) Waking Merlin. By Tanya Landman


^12) Reading in bed. By Sue Gee


13) Other peoples children. By Joanne Trollope


14) Friday nights. By Joanne Trollope


15) Heart and soul. By Meave Binchy


16) The Merlin conspiracy. By Diana Wynne Jones


17) Sorceress. By Celia Rees


18) Lovers and newcomers. By Rosie Thomas


19) Shadowmancer. By G.P. Taylor


20) This little world. By Imogen Parker


21) Revolutionary Road. By Richard Yates


So here we are at the end of my current list of shelved books that I need to read and am going to do my very best not to try to add too many more books to this list I can already envisage this as being an on going thing. So I will of course keep you up to date with my progress and even give you a little review so to speak of each book as I read them or give up because sometime you just can’t put yourself through it, lol. I hope that doesn’t happen but sometimes to judge that book by it’s cover wrong and you just don’t want to suffer it any longer.

Now I have three books that due to the library’s deadline I have to start reading and this is one of those moments you wished you had three heads, lol. I haven’t so I have a decision to make. I think I will make it a Terry sandwich and start with one of the others first and then have the juicy filling of Terry because I know I can always trust his books to be amazing and then end on the other but what one? Am off to decide.

                                                                                                                                                                                                               24th February 2014

Thought I had better update this if your following me as I have surprised myself and have already read four books, five if you count the one I read to my son and reviewed. So am going better than I though and it feels great to be reading again and having adventures. I still have a review to write but am already reading my next book. Although as I feared I have more books on my shelf now due to a trip to the library with my son and then the charity shops in town. I couldn’t resist, they were on offer so even cheaper than they usually are in our charity shop. I also got one from the library as I have wanted to read it for quite some time and there it was on the shelf so I just had to borrow it as it’s the first time I have ever seen it. I then brought it from the charity shop as it was in there too so weird but also fated. “Northern lights/The Golden Compass”. Although it is part of a Trilogy and I don’t like to start reading them unless I have all the books. So as much as I want to read it – it might have to wait until I can buy or find the other two books. I also got “Breaking Dawn” so that is one set on my list that is now complete. Although it is a big commitment to read four books with the same characters in it so I still haven’t started them yet.

In stead I started one of the other books I got from the charity shop as it is a fantasy book about faeries and after my last book and the impact it had on me I need a bit of light relief.  So think “Wild” is a good place to go next. This book also adds others to my list as there are another two books by the same author that I am sure I will also like so they are going on the list too. So am now going to continue my list and hope that I don’t find any more to add for a while .

*22) Wild. By Aprilynne Pike


23) Wings. By Aprilynne Pike


24) Spells. By Aprilynne Pike


*25) Destined. By Aprilynne Pike


26) Village School. By Miss Read.


^27) The Edge Chronicles – Beyond The Woods. By Paul Stewart & Chris Riddle.

This one wasn’t what my son and I thought it would be like so we gave up after the 2nd chapter and took it back to the library. The first on the list to not be read. Never mind, if you don’t like it there is no point forcing yourself to read it. So we didn’t.

*28) Northern Lights/The Golden Compass By Philip Pullman.


 29) The Subtle Knife


30) The Amber Spyglass


28th February 2014

Oops I did it again. I was meant to be buying presents for my daughter and my partners birthdays and I did but couldn’t resist going into Waterstones while I was in Norwich. I only brought four books all Terry Pratchett and before I got home I wished I had brought even more. So here they are oh except the one that is just like a dictionary about the discworld its self after all it’s not a novel.

*31) Eric. By Terry Pratchett


32) A blink of the screen. By Terry Pratchett


33) Good omens. By Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.

good omens

11th March 2014

Another trip to a charity shop and found another two books. One that I have wanted to read for a while and a smallish vampire book so that’s two more to the list. It is no good I need to stop looking at books or start reading faster. I also ordered more books about “Anne” of Green Gables from the library as I need to know what happened to her after the first book. So then my list will be nearly up to 40. That means it is twice as big as when I started and I thought that would take me into next year. Although I have already read six so I am averaging about one every week so I can’t complain.

34) The Cuckoo calling by Robert Galbraith


13th March 2014

I know, I don’t learn but I couldn’t resist. I was biking to the doctors yesterday and as I past a shop I sore a bookcase and it had a Terry Pratchett book that I don’t own and haven’t read yet so I had to stop and in doing so found out that I was not entering a charity shop but a butchers. I know and asked the butcher why and he said it happened by accident and it seems to work all the money goes to a charity and it is very popular. So I brought 3 books and one of them I have already read ie: The Hobbit so that’s only two more for my list. I did a good deed and got bargain books.

*35) Interesting times By Terry Pratchett

intresting times

36) Love lies bleeding By Alyxander Harvey


*37) Get the life you really want. By James Caan


*38) Fantastic beasts & where to find them. By Newt Scamander aka J.K.Rowling


*39) Anne of Avonlea By L.M.Montgomery


*40) Anne of the Island By L.M.Montgomery


*41) Anne of Windy Willows By L.M.Montgomery


42) Anne’s House of dreams By L.M.Montgomery


This next book got added to my list because of someone else’s review on here (wordpress) and I just had to read it and even comment talked with the author.

*43) Miss Mabel’s school for girls. By Katie Cross


44) 50 Bales of Hay By Rachael Treasure


45) Emma By Jane Austen


46) Extreame, My Autobiography Sharon Osboursne


47) Power of three. By Diana Wynn  Jones


48) A place of secrets By Rachael Hore


49) The magic By Rhonda Byrne


50) Northanger Abby By Jane Austen


OMG! That’s 5o now I will never read all these not in one year. It’s the beginning of May now and have only read 17 out of 50 although I thought I would be lucky to read one a month and I have surpassed that target but 50 just seems too many to dream of reading in a year. So I really need to stop buying and borrowing more books and try to read the thinner books I have and see it that helps.
















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