7th Febuary 2014


Dear diary, God, me and everybody else.

Hey, Today was a good day! Didn’t quite have that Friday feeling but I got up early with my son thanks to my alarm going off several times and me actually hearing it. So good start. I got up and did what I had too do…you know the bathroom stuff one needs to attend to first thing in the morning. While doing this I could hear my son calling and annoying his Nanny until she got up too. Bless her she went down and got him his breakfast while I was still busy in the bathroom. Once I was washed and dressed I had to get my son his school clothes, although thankfully he doesn’t have to wear a uniform as he is still only at playgroup. So I just got his oldest pair of jeans he has and a t-shirt, jumper and clean socks and vest and took them with me down the stairs. Nanny was drinking tea in her dressing gown and slippers we got her for Christmas and my son was sitting at his table eating his porridge. He was in high spirits much as myself. I left him to finish his breakfast while I had mine. I poured myself a glass of Coca-Cola and made myself a role up. I then went outside to smoke it and got a load of the weather. It was still very dark grey and the rain was still doing it’s thing, so I came back in to sort his bag and get my partners waterproofs. Taking my son to school wasn’t the only task I had to do this morning. First things first my son told me that I had to wait for his breakfast to go down before I could get him dressed. Bless him, he was right. So we waited while Nanny and I had a looked at each other and shared that isn’t he adorably funny look and quiet laugh. He eventually let me get him dressed and then we got our coats and welly boots on and set off across the green. He was playing a game as soon as we walked out the door, apparently we were autobots and we were chasing after the decepticons. Ie: Transformers! So that’s what we played all the way to school and due to all this chasing we got o school rather early, infact we were the first ones there. So we had to wait bless him he was so disappointed he thought that he would have to come home and he wouldn’t be able to play with his friends. It took me a while to calm him down and it took other children turning up until he realised school was still happening. The look of relief on his face when he could finally go in. By his request I stayed a little while to watch him, bless. I do enjoy it but you feel like your intruding but if he askes me too I always do until he is engrossed in an activity with one of the teachers or a game with one of the other children. Today he was playing with a little boy nearly a year older than him and they where being firemen. Well for a little while, then my son being well him decided he wasn’t going to be a fireman and was going to be the person who needed the fireman and called him up on the phone. It is so sweet how his mind works, if he didn’t call they wouldn’t have had a fire so the game wouldn’t have carried on. Anyway I took this moement to quietly leave him to it.

My next mission or task for the day was a very important one. I had to do the pill or medication run. I knew I would run out so called in advance but you still have to wait days for them but today was the day I could get them. As I was up and my partner was having a lay in with our daughter for a change I decided that there was no time like the present so asked my mother in law if I could use her bike to travel the mile and a half to the doctors as for me this would cause less stress than getting the timings right for the buses and the waiting that goes with it. Plus I had already had enough stress that morning rushing around to get my son to school then being their early so we had to wait more stress then the stress of having to be polite and be spoken to and reply to people at the school gate that otherwise you would avoid. So biking thus far would have been a lesser or two evils in my little world at least.

So off I went on an old fashioned women’s bike with basket, off down country roads in horrible drizzle in waterproof’s and boy am I glad I wore them because it wasn’t the drizzle that would get me drenched by the river like puddles on the road at nearly every turn. It was quite a good wake up though riding in the wind and through puddles because there was no way to escape most of them. I was on my own doing what I needed to do to survive. I know I’m being over dramatic but trust me I wouldn’t function too good without my pain killers and happy pills I can tell you. At one point I can remember thinking to myself that I am sure I have seen this in a film before. It was at the point that I was riding downhill and I had to lift my legs out straight in front of me so they wouldn’t be knew deep in a river I was riding through. Well it seemed like a river. I wasn’t sure I would make it to the other side without having to put my leg and foot in it to give all my excitement. Once I got to the top and then sore the post office shop I thought why not myself another push but I was lucky I didn’t have to get one soggy foot. It made me laugh to myself just at the thought and if my life had of been a film right then I would have got a very soggy foot/leg and then wobbled and fell in. I got to the doctors nearly dry and then got my medication and then had a bit of an anti climax. I had done what I needed to and in super fast time. It had only taken my 30mins to bike all the way there. So I walked my mother in laws bike up the hill near the doctor’s while I had a premade roll up while I let myself calm down after collect our money while I’m already out and about. So I did and I also got some well earned chocolate and some treats for my son. Then I set off for home but when I got on the bike again I hadn’t quite got hold of it properly when I straddled it and it crashed to the floor, leaving me with a very stressful situation. The oh so trendy basket bloody fell of it’s hingey thingy, oops! I tried my best to put it back on but I couldn’t see how to do it in the nervous energy I had right then so just twisted it round and up so it looked like it was in the rightish place and then used my rucksack as a tie and put it in the basket and then used the straps as best I could to make it stay up. Knightmare, but it worked enough to get us home. I Enjoyed the puddle rivers even more on the way back, yeah I know I can be a big kid sometimes and if I’m honest that is one of my best qualities. Life should be about having fun when ever you can and trying to see life as innocently, creatively and imaginatively as when you were a child or why else is the point. All the hard work? I don’t think so do you? Really?

As I was coming in the gate I sore my partner holding my daughter up at the window looking out for me and waving. So what I needed after that bike ride it totally killed my legs on the way back. It is these little moements that you know you are truly loved and in that one I did by both my partner and my daughter, pure joy, love and a thankful heart. My partner had to go out not long after and my mother in law was doing something somewhere else because me and my daughter had time to just be together in the living room and it was lovely and quite rare I realised because even then I noticed enough to think and be mindful to enjoy that moement. It was lovely we just sat next to each other and then in front of each other playing with cups and plates and saucepan lids, (all toy ones) we pretended to sip tea and made noises crashing the lids together. She is a clever thing at only 11 mnths, yeah I know not long now till her birthday it doesn’t seem that long ago. It goes too fast. So I had more fun playing until I realised I had to start getting ready to collect my son but just as that thought came into my mind my mother in law came back from what ever she was doing and asked if I wanted her to collect him. I said it would be nice actually and it was. I got to carry on playing with my daughter and get some dinner ready for her and her brother and usually she dose all that. So it made a nice change. My daughter was eating and my son’s dinner was ready but my partner came back first. Not long after my son and his Nanny did and he sat right down to eat his dinner while telling us a little about what he got up too.

The afternoon went by in a dose yes after we all ate we all sat watching children’s programme’s well actually I was reading my latest book from the library “The art of leaving” as am desperately trying to finish it as want to read the next one as I’m not entirely sure I am really enjoying this one just slightly intrigued by the character. Anyway I was reading that while laying on the sofa with my son and we both fell asleep. So I didn’t read enough to finish it so I can start the next one but I obviously needed the sleep. Woke up and came upstairs to make a start on this post and do various other things like put my £5 notes in the tin for our holiday. I also started eating the wonka choc bar that I got myself and was quite happily eating it until my son woke up and wanted to pinch some. He had his fill and put me off writing this so I had a quick look on face book and collected my rewards on acouple of games I play. Then my partner came up and asked me if I wanted fish and chips from the pub for tea. We did and it was good and then the usual routine of tea and pj’s and stories and bed and then giving up on tv to come to bed. I still want to finish that book off but then I will have another post to write tomorrow then but I will also get to read another of Terry Prachetts books which is the next one on my pile from the recent ones I borrowed from the library. So good night blogger or readers and you my lord most of all thank you for this hard, testing but rewarding and joyful day.
One love as always


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