Book shelf list…Review of sorts!


Read my first book from my shelf list…(two books actually but the second wasn’t on my list.)

The Art of Leaving

The Art of leaving!

Well I have to confess I am still very unsure about this book. I was on edge most of the time I was reading it which wasn’t very long at all. Only a few days. It took longer than it should because like I said I was unsure at one point weather I even wanted to finish it but I kept with it not wanting to give up and leave a book unfinished as that is the opposite of what this shelf list is all about.

The main character Eva was very intriguing although she was quite a messed up young woman who liked endings because they led to beginning’s but it was all rather odd. It was very realistic and the reason I think I was unsure about it as I am a bigger fan of the fantasy and not really fictional reality. It was all about her current relationship with a man in reality she would never really have ended up with although his name annoyed me as it didn’t really suit him. It was the storey of them and their lives together and how she had spend most of their relationship trying to end it with him. It was very odd but I still couldn’t stop reading it in hope that either of them would come to their senses, for her to realise how lucky she was to have this man and for him to realise that he could do so much better. Alas they did not and despite my continued reading and the hope that something good or exciting was going to happen. It never did.

So I felt extremely let down by all the intrigue and the momentum of the story because it all kinda fizzled out and I was left with a very unsatisfactory ending but then I thought it rather suited how I felt about the whole book. So in actual fact I am very glad that I just borrowed this one from the library and not went out and brought it or I would be even more annoyed than I am already.


George’s Marvellous Medicine!

Yes I know this isn’t on the list! I thought as I also finished it today that I would write about it as I always wanted to as a child and never got round to it but now I have as I have been reading it to my son. He quite liked it, some bits even made him laugh although as usual with Roald Dahl more of the joke were aimed at the parents reading it because I found a lot more of it funny and struggled to read it at times because I was laughing so much. Then my son made it worse because he would say “it’s not funny Mum” and that would make me laugh all the more. It was classic Roald Dahl although I would have like there to be more as I didn’t think the ending was quite enough his horrible Grandma shrinking wasn’t enough satisfaction for me I would have liked them to actually got the medicine right and for George to have become famous and rich but that’s just me. It was entertaining enough to keep me reading it to my son until he fell asleep and so that I wouldn’t so it worked a treat. Plus I think my son will let me read another Roald Dahl story to him as it did make him laugh a little so it’s win win!

(Have to confess after such a let down I am so grateful that I got a Terry Pratchett book from the library as I am in definite need of a pick me up. So am in fact reading my shelf list of books in order, thus far anyway. So am off to read…Snuff! Night all)


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