Book shelf – Another one bites the dust!


Waking Merlin!

Tanya Landman


Well this children’s story that I have had for some time got started in January this year as a way of helping my son to go to sleep quicker and helping me not to have to read quite so many little books at bedtime but we got distracted by “George’s Marvouse Medicine” that my son borrowed from the library. So after reading that we went back to this one, so it has taken longer than it might have. It was a wonderful story based on of course Merlin and it included the knights of the round table and there was even a dragon called Desmond. Lol Well that name made me laugh and think it might have been a Hagrid thing to do. My son like the idea of the book and did enjoy some of it but it was really a book that I chose and it did keep me entertained while trying to get him to sleep. He would have liked the knights to have actually fighted not just marched across the country and he would have like more spells.

I quite liked the fact that the story was more subtle but it is because I am female and the main character is female and the writer is female so I guess my son was a little out numbered. It was a lot of action really in just under 160 pages and like I said had everything and more in what you would want in a story with Merlin being woken up in our day and age. It hit the spot for me and I’m an adult. It was easy to read, kepted me on my toes so to speak and I didn’t want to put it down. So I was very annoyed when my son did in fact fall asleep and I thought I had better stop. Even more so when I had to wait over a whole week before I could pick it up as we read another book in the middle.  It was so good I am hoping there is a follow up and am actually going to try to find it if there is one. I do however think this book would really suit a 7-12 year old girl best but what can I say I like children’s books always did when I was one and who said you had to stop reading and enjoying them now.

A great little read.


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