Three wishes! – Daily Challenge!

Three Wishes!

(This is the first time I have written for the daily challenge because it  not only grabbed my attention but I also knew I could actually answer or write about it. So here goes…)

Wish one!

A house to make a home for my family. As we currently live with my mother in law.

As a family we have never lived on our own. Due to circumstances but it’s about time that we did. After nearly four years of living with one mother or the other. As we want a house in a very small village we are having to wait. So my first wish is that a house in our village turned up and we got it and could move in straight away so my children could have their own room and we didn’t have to live with boxes everywhere and with my mother in law. So we as a family could live our lives the way we want day to day and have our own routine and just be a family in our own home.

Wish two!


Yeah I know it sounds greedy, but if you knew me at all you’d know I’m far from it and if you read my last wish you will understand what the money is for, because it’s not for me. Ok well it is and it isn’t.

Wish three!

A plot of land big enough for 25-50 people to live and work on. Preferably in Norfolk.

This is so I could actually start a dream of mine. To build a community of green fingered hippies. Firstly we would split the land up into what would be best for farming on and for living on. Then me and my family would start the farming process while we call all our friends who like ourselves believe in this dream and want to make it happen but like us without the money couldn’t. So I would rally the ones I know who have supported us and who will work with us and get started with making plans to turn the land into a working community. We would farm the land and then start building a community building and storage building first. Then we would built houses or apartment’s but all would be very green and using as much as we could recycled materials and way that would help the environment. Eventually we would ideally all live their permanently and have no need to leave except to see outsiders/family or get more materials. It will be the start of a new way of living but more like the old ways.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my wishes and that they have given you further insight to who I am and what I truly want. I am a simple person really and all I care about is family and community and just a better way of life than what we are led to believe is the right way.



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