Dear diary, God, Me and everybody else… 17th February 2014


It’s been a while because the whole family has had a cold for nearly 10 days or so and so was dealing with poorly children and that just wears you out. So I haven’t really felt like writing and unless you want to know how many times I have had to blow my son and daughters noses and how many tears we have had just because they don’t know what else to do I didn’t really have a lot to write about. Then of course the inevitable happened and I got their cold and am still putting up with a blocked nose but as all Mum’s know you are not allowed to be sick when your a Mum so I have had to struggle through the headaches and the lethargic feelings and continue to wipe noses and wipe away tears and then play games even when all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball under my quilt and wait until all the “snot” had gone. Anyway couldn’t do that.

Did manage to get to see a good Doctor when I had to go who realized my last Doctor had made a very big mistake with  my medication us girlie call it “the pill” and yes it’s a series thing to get wrong and well it was. I was taking it wrong and therefor was not actually being protected by it and thus a waste of time taking it at all. Not good! Anyway he sorted it out and apologised so much he was more mortified than I was and that is saying a lot because you can imagine I really was. The doctor in question has left the practise although not due to this mistake. So at least I don’t have to deal with her again. I have never really had much luck with doctors. This one I sore who spotted the mistake was very through before he realised. Unlike moat doctors you see now days he actually read my notes while we were talking he went back to look and that is how he noticed. He also gave me my sick note although benefits hasn’t sent me a letter asking for one or an envelope to send it yet but I got that and he wants me to have some blood taken and see if we can find anything else. I think he thinks I’m anaemic and I hope he finds something because if it is just depression its depressing. So hopefully it’s all sorted but you never know I could have another baby on the way that well I wasn’t intending  to have. He did examine me and didn’t think so but is going to make sure they test my blood just in case. As much as I would love more children I don’t want one because a doctor didn’t do their job properly and not now while were living like this or I feel the way I do. So you could say that was a very eventful trip to the doctors.

I also sore loads of swans sitting in a field on the way there. It was amazing to see so many all in one place like that. Truly wonderful! It gets better than lots of swans though. I also sore what I thought at first was a lardge hair jumping around a field but as I got closer I realised it was too big to be a hair and then as I was close enough and it wasn’t frighten of me riding past on my bike I could clearly see that it was a young deer. One of the small types and we get them a lot round here apparently. It just pranced about it really did like it was just doing it for the fun of it. This is why I love living in the countryside. The things you get to see just makes you so thankful.

I did manage to write the odd blog I think I did a review on one of the books from my list and a very quick daily challenge – my first actually. It helped when I couldn’t face one of my diary catch ups. I used to write everyday in a diary and now I don’t know how I ever managed it. I don’t have a diary book that I write in anymore haven’t since one of my ex’s read it to find out if I was cheating on me and then tried to use it as evidence against me in an argument. Idiot, one he shouldn’t have read it in the first place, two he should have never let me know he’d read it because it was the beginning of the end and three he shouldn’t have tried to use it against me. I mean what was he thinking? Especially as there was nothing more harmful than some flirting and a slapped bottom or two in their. I still write my diary by hand in little ones but not like this or like I used to witch is a shame but sometimes I still write it on sheets of paper. I dread having to sort through them all one day maybe I will leave it to my children or my assistant.

Got side tracked and that is why I hate doing a catch up. See cleverly tied that back in there.

Also got into the garden as we actually got some sunshine to make it warm enough for me to be outside doing anything besides walking or biking to get to somewhere. So despite being full of cold I took advantage of what gave me and got out into the garden. So thank you God because I really needed it and not just for the fresh air and the vitamin’s from the sunshine that help my depression but just to be doing something practical and useful. Of course you can’t have a 3 yr old who loves the outdoors and just go out by yourself so I got a helper. I just needed to be out there and thought what can I do while I’m here. So we raked up all the leaves we could because Alan Titchmarsh say’s that if you don’t and the leaves are on your grass they well they mess it up because they start to decompose/rot on it and then you don’t have green grass you have rot patches on your grass an no one wants that, do they? We also made a start on our first tiny vegetable patch in the garden and I was very proud because we have taught him well he was a great little helper. He dug into the plot for me and I pulled out all the weeds and then we both “smashed up” all the clumps of mud. My son liked that bit best, bless him. He also got more tools out then we needed and got annoyed when I threw a snail but you it wasn’t too bad. We did the same on Sunday too as again we were blessed with a lovely warm and sunny morning so why not do the other slightly bigger veggie patch that we have in my mother in laws garden. Yes of course my son helped again although it wasn’t really help that time he just got too many tools out and wanted to ride his little trike that he can’t really do on his own yet, so crazed me to help him. So he was more of a pain but he wanted to play and after his amazing help the day before I couldn’t really complain. So we played and rode and chased and in-between that when he was busy digging in the plot we did the day before I did more raking and dug up the other plot and pulled weeds and made it ready for when we can plant. So I still got it done and had fun playing with my son. So it was quite a productive day. Oh I forgot to say my son was very disgruntled that we weeded and dug but didn’t plant. He doesn’t understand that it is too early and cold even though I did explain. All he knows is the things we have taught him and what he remembers doing last year. Weed, dig, plant, water! So I let him plant a pot we have you can put on your windowsill. Courgettes, as we ate a lot of them last year with everything and we all love them. My son wasn’t happy with just that though and later on after I had gone upstairs to do something else I noticed that the seed pot had been moved and he had only gone and emptied my wild poopy seeds into the pot he had planted but no, not just emptied it like most kids – he actually covered them over I only knew because the tub that held them was empty and he had over watered them in. Lol

Of course it was valentine’s this week too, wasn’t it? Well I wouldn’t of known except for the fact it was my niece’s birthday and my partner spent most of the day making her a cake. It was a wonderful cake, he has a talent. Yes I know I told him my partner that is when he said he’d forgotten to get me a card that he didn’t need to go to the shops that day to get one but he could of made me a special bun or something as he was in the kitchen most of the day while I wasn’t feeling too well keeping our two children out of his way so he could get on. I don’t ask for a lot and I knew he wasn’t romantic but he could have got a card or done something. Oh and before you ask yes I got him a card and got up and made him a coffee and took it to him while he was still in bed and trust when you have young children that is a bonus. So not a great day but he has had a telling off naughty man.

Feeling quite disheartened as I am a pen paler and I have only had three people write to me out of 12 since before Christmas and am now realising that maybe I have been dropped as a pal. I know we all play catch up after Christmas with time and money but you would think after weeks or months of letters they could have the decency to at least tell you that for what ever reason they were not going to bother writing anymore. So that has upset me quite a bit. So fear I only have 5 pen pals now as a couple of them have said it takes a while to reply, but I got used to writing a letter every few days and now am very glad that I have this blog to help fill the void a little although it is not quite the same. It is so nice to receive a letter and then write a reply so am missing it.

Right I have got a book that I am so close to finishing so am off to bed so I can read the end and start the next one. That means I will have a review to do tomorrow and will try my best not to leave it so look in-between diary posts. One love and goodnight xXx














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