Book shelf – Snuff.



Terry Pratchett


Well as usual Terry didn’t let me down. This book was a very interesting and intriguing read. As it was not set in any of the usual hot spots of the disc world or other novels it made a nice change but there was a link to Anchmorpork which was nice. Snuff was all about Commander Vimes being ordered by Veterani and his wife to have a much needed holiday. So his wife took him to her country estate but all good policemen know that they are never off duty.

It wasn’t exactly what I expected but then Pratchett never is what you expect and that is why I love reading his books. Commander Vimes was a character that I normally wouldn’t like and throughout most of the book I didn’t but that was part of his charm I think. He was respected by everyone and even I gave in to that as I carried on reading about him despite not really liking him. Although thanks to Terry I did know him and he was good at his job and was a good father and that deserves respect.

“It’s very hard to review a book I am finding without actually reviewing all of the plot just in case you haven’t read it and wish to the last thing you’d won’t is me to ruin it for you but when I was a child we were told to tell the story in our review. I think the purpose of this was so the teachers knew we had actually read each book but it became such a habit that it is now hard not to write a review like it.”

Obviously Commander Vimes didn’t really end up getting much of a holiday as he felt trouble in the air the moment he arrived and just his arrival made those causing it to get nervous. So the story began and we went with Commander Vimes every step of the way whether we wanted to or not at times. It was not as funny of some of the other disc world novels and that is one of the things I like most but it is very hard to be funny all the time when you are dealing with smugglers, pirates, slave labour, discrimination and murder. Yes it had it all and more besides. It wasn’t just about Commander Vimes but his family and the locals. The police officer in the area Sargent Upshot as he later became was a very interesting character and you couldn’t help but warm to him right away and Vimes took him under his wing so to speak and taught him how to be a real police officer and do real police work.

I think the thing that kept me interested  was the fact it was about discrimination of a species in this case Goblins and I am against discrimination and well goblins are cool especially these ones. I would have been happy to read a whole book just about them but what we did learn about then was fascinating. It was a great plot as always and the suspense was increasingly good, what more could you want?

So yes I enjoyed it and I read it in little over a week and for a mother of two young children that is very good. I am a little gutted that it is a library book because I haven’t got it to add to my Terry Pratchett collection. So it means it’s another one I still have to buy. I should know better and just buy his books.


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