Inspired by “The Farmers Wife.”


Hey, I came to bed after my babies had finally fell asleep and started to read my current book. (The Farmers Wife by Racheal Treasure) I have only been reading it for three days and I am very attached to the main character Bec and am in awe of her dreams. So it is hitting me as I am currently in a lull in my life and she is experiencing bigger ones. It is a very deep and emotional book and the people are so realistic. The author is a wonderful writer, you feel like you truly know them all whether you want to or not. So this story is really effecting me and I only realised what kind of effect when I caught myself yelling in my own head at Bec to take the advice she was being given and change the way she was thinking. Then I realised I could do with taking my own advice. I  have been allowing myself to be depressed and apart from reading I have given up on the things that make me happy other than my children. Such as my hobbies and pursuing my dreams. So when Bec finally woke up and listened to the people in her life and eventually came to the point of realising she needed to think and manifest positive things. So she went to her special place and she shouted out the things that would bring bliss to her life. So as soon as she had finished and It was the en.d of that chapter I also thought about what would make my bliss. So I wrote it down. So now it’s there for the universe to see, oh and me of  course.

It also motivated  me to not only write the bliss list but to share it with anyone who will listen and it might help. It has also encouraged me to start working towards getting those things on my bliss list because things don’t just turn up even if you do need or think you deserve them. There is always another lesson to learn. So even though I haven’t quite finished the book I know it wont take too much longer as  have been inspired and am hoping it will be a good outcome for Bec but I know I want to read the next book if in fact there is another one.

That’s what I love about reading one moment you are reading about complete strangers and the next it’s like you are reading about your best friends and you get to go through their ups and downs but just occasionally you really connect to a book because that story really makes an inpact on your life and not just simply as enjoyment but a real inpact on you. Like this book has done to me and I am so thankful. The story made me remember that I can control what happens to me by stopping my worrying or at least decreasing it as it’s a very hard thing to control when you suffer from depression but it also reminded me that if I keep dwelling on the fact I am really depressed at the moment I will continue to be. So it was like a kick up the you know where and sometimes you need that. So was so motivated by the story I had read so far and then of course once I had finished, the ending only backed up the message that I had already received that inspired me on a personal level to do something positive although really I realised I already had. As I start this blog weeks ago and that in it’s self has helped me so much already.

So even if the book didn’t reach me on this personal level I still loved everything about the writing and the plot and the variety of characters. It was pure pleasure and Rachael Treasure is really a treasure and now one of my favourite author’s . Yes after just one book, it was that good a read and I know I have got to buy it so I can read it again and I’m sure again.


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