RuCreated – Knitting!


So after I had mastered the squares with just knit and then knit and purl I decided I needed to try something else. So here are some of the first makes that I made:

Easter eggs!

These were really simple to make and they were a hit with the children. They are cheaper than buying lots of chocolate eggs to hide in the garden.

2013-05-02 10.25.22

Baby’s Alice Band!

The flowers were really great fun to make and make so much difference to the plain Alice band.

2013-04-30 19.04.19

Sweat Band!

2012-04-10 17.36.09

Ski – Styled Head Bands!

These were more difficult than I had anticipated but I did get there after a few attempts.

2012-04-23 23.41.51


2012-04-10 12.40.46

These look really difficult but they were not at all. Infact the pattern and the colour change was very fun.

Monster heads!


These little fella’s are great and children, cats and small dogs seem to enjoy chewing them. Lol.


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