RuCreated – Knitting


Here is another collection of some of the knitted item’s that I have already made.

One ball scarf!

A scarf made from one very expensive and specially designed ball of wool. All you had to do was knit and the wool did the rest. I made several of these and gave them away as gifts. It was a very rewarding.


Fingerless cable gloves!

These are fingerless gloves or mittens with a cable pattern to them and were not as hard as you would think once you get the hand of using a cable needle. I really quite enjoyed using the cable needle and it give you a very good pattern. Love these too, great for making a plain pair of gloves look more interesting or just great on their own.

2012-04-10 17.35.34             2012-04-10 17.35.03

A Halloween knit – Eyeballs!

SAM_2692              SAM_2690

A knitted bowl!

This was a very quick and simple make. Perfect for your rings and things.


Baby Bunny Booties!

AS soon as I sore the pattern of these in a magazine I had to make them and although these photo’s are in different colours they work really well in white. Both my children wore these when they were babies and they make great gifts.

SAM_2332                        2013-10-04 16.53.02



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