Dear diary, God, Me and everybody else… 27th February 2014


Dear diary, God, me and everybody else,

Hey, Woke up this morning in my mother little flat in Norwich too hear my son shouting excitedly at his Silly Nanny and the day was started for me at 8.30am I know I’m quite lucky really. So up and getting the children fed, watered and dressed. As we were off to see their Granddad – got it all. But to get their we had to the walk through the woods that were my back garden growing up and as Silly Nanny wanted us to tell her what we sore when we got back so instead of just telling her and of course all of you I decided to take my camera along. So here are the best photo’s of what we sore:

The pathway into the woods!


Pretty purple flowers near a moss covered tree!


Someone’s attempt of a wooden t-pea!


My son at the top of a hill!

My brave little boy. He wanted to go up and see what he could see and apparently he sore wolves up there. Bless his imagination.


The burnt book he found on the top of the hill!

This really angered me. My son said it was ” Really naughty.” and yes I agree.


A Robin Posing!


I love Robin’s and knew this would be a great picture as soon as I spotted him sitting up there. It did turn out quite well even if I do say so myself.

Squirrel Nutkin!

Standing up. I was so happy with this photo as we sore so many squirrel’s we couldn’t count them. They were up tree’s climbing and jumping about doing their thing but I was lucky enough to get this shot while he was scurrying around on the ground trying to remember where he had buried his precious nuts.


Robin number two!


As you can see we had quite an adventure through the woods to get to our destination and after we got back and shared them with my Mum or my children’s Silly Nanny she was very happy as she loves Robin’s too and love the first one.

We had a great visit with my Dad and as always when we visit we end up coming home with more stuff than when we went. I came back with a great new coat and my son got a pair of flashing shoes and both my children got a very fluffy stuffed animal. We also came back with washball’s, lot’s of batteries and a bit of pork. Thanks Dad. We also got pizza for dinner although my son wasn’t very interested his younger sister decided she wasn’t going to let it go to waste. We all watched, listen and dances to Queen gig without Freddie obviously and then Seasick Steve. So a great afternoon.

My son was a little grumpy on the way back but was very understandable as it was a long day and he had walked along way for a little boy.

In the evening our children were left with their Silly Nanny. So we could attend the first planning meeting for the 37th Norwich Beer festival. I have been a volunteer since 2000 and for the last 3 0r 4 years have been saying I’m going to attend and try to get more involved and this year I finally managed it. Yeah me!

It was a typical meeting most jobs went to the same people who have been doing them for years but I was seen there and that was the point. It was also a good excuse for a night out and we don’t get many of them so we did make a night out of it. Had a drink while the meeting was happening and then we went off to The Kings Head(Norwich) to have a few more. My partner taught me how to play bar billards and was very disgruntled at me when I apparently thrashed him. I said it was just beginners luck to sooth his feelings but I really think it might be my game, lol. We had a few more after that and chatted with some of the meeting people and I even had my first complete beer. I’m a cider drinker really but it smelt like cherries and marzipan how could you resist. (Although not really a great plan to mix my drinks but it was nearly kicking out time so, why not!)

We ate Chinese on the way home as I don’t do kebabs and it wasn’t too bad but even after a night of drinking I knew I wouldn’t have ate it during the day/sober. We were also lucky and didn’t have to wait too long for a taxi and I was really lucky that that beer only made me sick once.

All in all a great day!



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