Book shelf – Wild!




Aprilynne Pike


This book is one of the newest on my book shelf and another one I picked up from a charity shop that I was just drawn to and had to read. I needed something that was fantasy and what I already had on the shelf was not appealing to me at the time, so this showed up as books always seem to at the right time.

It didn’t take me too long after starting to read this one, that I realized is was indeed  a 2nd book in a series. As it seemed that there was missing parts that the author assumed you already knew and of course I didn’t but that didn’t stop me getting completely and utterly drawn into this story. It’s about the lives of these teenagers. Yes, another teen book but I can’t help it if I like the topic’s of teen fantasy/fiction. There seems to be so much more choice and the characters in this book were just so believable. Even if the two main ones are fairies or fae as called in the book. I am also quite pleased that there is not only a first book and this one but a third and possibly forth book that I am now going to have to find or buy and devour. So despite it being a teen book about the last couple of years of high school I can still relate as I haven’t forgotten what it was like to be at that age and what a magical time it was and I wasn’t a fairy pretending to be a human. Yes this is more or less the concept of the whole book/series but what a concept. It hard enough being a teenage girl let a lone a fairy who has to hide her blossom. Laurel is said fairy and only recently ie in the first book found out that she was indeed a fairy and this book follows on from that and how she is coping now she knows the truth and is having to deal with it. It’s weird how even her parents didn’t know in book one as it was implied that she was relieved that she could tell her parents and that it was better. So they adopted a child not knowing that she would change into a fairy but in this book they seem fine with it, even proud and happy to accept her and all the strangeness that comes with being watched by the fairy-guard. It isn’t just about Laurel being a fairy it still stays true to teenage life and all the emotional fallout that brings with jealous boyfriends and other teen stuff like exams. So it covers all bases of real and fictional life if you ask me.

It was hard not to instantly like the main character and her close friends, even her parents and the way the story was written just seemed so effortless and was easy to read. Exactly what I needed but it has left me wanting more So I have got to chase down the next one to find out what Laurel is going to do next.


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