My new bike!


Just on the off chance I put a request on one of those internet sale pages asking for a woman’s bike and no sooner had it been posted I got a message back. Funny how fast things can happen when you say you have the money waiting and if I am honest I wasn’t really expecting to hear anything back at all. So I was really surprised when I got a message straight away and the bike sounded and then looked good. As you can see.  So I haggled a little but was happy with the amount paid and was even happier that they were happy to deliver the bike now. I wasn’t even out of bed. Like I said I didn’t really expect anything to come of it. But it was obviously fated to be my bike. So I frantically rushed to get dressed and get downstairs and no sooner had I done this someone was knocking on the door. So I had to pull my boots on and rush round the house to greet the old owner of my bike. I gave it a good look over and asked a few questions and stood up next to it and gave it a feel before I handed over the money and wheeled it round the back.

naturally my partner then took over the situation not really happy that I didn’t ask his opinion before hand but it had all happened so fast. He looked it over and then after finishing his coffee decided that it needed some adjustments. He gave the chain a good oil but still I wasn’t allowed to take it out for a test ride. No he had to check the breaks and tighten the wheel baring whatever that is. I know he was just doing his boyfriend job and his man duties but I just wanted to ride the thing, my new toy. After doing so I asked him to lift the handlebars and adjust the seat and bob’s your uncle I have a comfy ride.

No more borrowing my mother in laws bike that hurts my bum and kills my legs because she is shorter than me. No more having to ask if it’s all right to use it I can just get on it and go. It might sound silly but the bike means a bit more freedom and something that is mine when currently I don’t feel like I have much and a chance to escape on my own and that my friends is a very important thing indeed!



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