Enjoying the sunshine on a sunday!


Dear diary, God, Me and everybody else,                                                                                                                                         Catch up – ish

Hey it’s been a while and I really should catch you up as there has been two birthdays the mother of all hangovers a couple of shopping trips, two people with a cold in the house and a few low days for me but I am afraid that will have to do because I just can’t be bothered sorry!

    9th March 2014

Today felt like it was summer because I actually took my coat and jumper off, lol. Yes I know it’s only just the beginning of spring but it was lovely so we all went with my partner as he was on allotment duty today and it seemed a shame to not spend the day as a family. Although we left the youngest member at home as she still has a cold, bless. So yes I got to ride my new bike further than just to the shop 5 minutes away, yay. See below a photo of me on my bike, lovely!


The allotment is about a mile and a half away from our house so it was a good ride and my bike felt comfortable and it was good to look about on the way.

This what I could see most of the time, lol.


I haven’t been to the allotment since September last year because there were some personal issues. Basically we applied to an advert in our local shop in April to help look after the chickens and do some manual labour. They said a few days a week and the odd Saturday. They said we would learn on the job and that we could have some space to grow some stuff of our own and that we would all share the harvest so to speak. Of course it didn’t turn out like that. My partner and I put in long days doing all the tasks asked of us as well as others that we could see needed doing. We spent 5 days a week there during the warm weather and on the odd occasion we couldn’t turn up when they asked us at the last minute due to us visiting my family in the city things got nasty from one of the owners. I didn’t take it very well as my mental state was fragile as it was. You see it was like having our dream in our hands/lives and yet not quite being able to do what we wanted with it. We just had to do what we were told and every time we asked for our little bit of space to plant in before it was too late to plant anything we got different answers. I tried to tidy the place up and add some useful ideas but these were all ignored. So the dream turned into a bit of a nightmare for me. My partner carried on despite the grief from one of the owners as the other one the elderly fellow really needed his help and has fallen in love with us all especially our son who loved to follow him about and help. It also helps my partner as he is unemployed and doing something everyday helps keep you motivated and give you purpose. So he continued to help in all weathers. Sorry but I thought you’d need to know this history to understand why it was hard for me to go there and how it made me feel so sad, depressed and disappointed, angry even. The place is meant to look a bit sad and depressing this time of year but it should be clean and tidy and getting ready to be planted in but instead what did I see? I sore what looked like an abandoned allotment as if it was left to it’s own devices after the harvest. There were still plants that were dead still in rows after the vegetable’s had been taken away and none of the winter cutting had been done. There was a carpet of dead leaves all over and it was just annoying that nobody had even made a start on clearing it up. As much as I don’t want to do it because of the bad feeling between one of the owners and myself I also wanted to do something about it, but of course I didn’t because it isn’t my job or my place and it was a Sunday.  So I just enjoyed watching my partner and my son feeding the chickens.

Here is my son feeding the chickens!


    Here is my son collecting eggs.


So it was quite a good trip out after all and it didn’t stop there as my partner came prepared with the fishing rods and the last of the maggots. So we went five minutes away from the allotment to the river and my partner and son tried to catch  some fish. I got my book out of my bag and read for a little while. My son was lucky he caught the only fish of the day. This is the view from where we were sitting.


The catch of the day!


Yes it was only a tiddlier but look at his happy and proud little face bless him. We soon headed back on the bikes and I have to confess that it wore me out. I am glad I got the bike though as it means I will have a more comfortable ride on trips like today and to the doctors. As we were coming home our poor son was falling asleep in his seat on the back of my partners bike. How I don’t know but kids seem to fall asleep anywhere and everywhere when they are tired, don’t they? We turned into our lane and as we did my sister in law and her daughter turned in the other end of the lane on their bike. It was quite funny really. As soon as my son heard his cousins voice he was awake again and couldn’t wait to get out to hug her and tell her all he’d been up to. He was so happy to see them that he even invited them in and then invited himself round theirs for tea. He wasn’t refused and shortly after off he went. My mother in law was told by her daughter to go to bed so she did and my partner decided he was going to fall asleep. So it was just me and my daughter. It was quite nice for a while until I realised that it was really time that someone did something about tea and that I was the only someone who could do anything about it, not great. I had to though, my daughter would soon start making her wingie noise to let me know she was hungry and as I hate that noise, I made hers first so I didn’t have to hear it. After that I put he in the middle of the room surrounded by noisy toys so I could hear what she was doing. Then I went to chop vegetables for the curry that I had decided to make after all if I was going to cook then it was going to be something I would really enjoy. It was not easy or fun as my daughter kept coming in to see what I was doing and so I had to keep going back wards and forwards and as it turned out my curry suffered. It was still good but not quite up to my normal standards. My son came back surprise surprise right as we were eating our curry  but it was good to see him. The night ended in tears as I got very emotional while watching “Call the midwife” it was the end of a series one so you really can’t blame me, lol.



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