Eric – From my bookshelf reading list and a keeper in my personal collection!


Eric By Terry Pratchett


This was the first ever Terry Pratchett book I ever read and as I had some money I treated myself to this the smallest of the discworld series. I know technically I have already read this book but as I recently brought it I put it on my list knowing that I would have to read it, after all it’s Terry.

Like I already said this was my first introduction to Terry Pratchett and the discworld and if I am honest I got this book confused with Mort so when I came to read it again- it was even more of a delight because I had completely forgotten the story. I knew of course that it contained everybody’s favourite wizard “Rincewind” and that is why he is my favourite because he was in the first book I read but it’s also because of how Terry has written him. I mean who wouldn’t love a wizard who is the worst wizard ever and who is so aloof it’s too funny. Everything is just so matter of fact and even if he doesn’t like it he accepts its that way and makes everyone in is vicinity realize there is nothing they can do about it.  You also can’t help but adore his side kick “The luggage” a character that is simply genius and I wish that I could have my own because then like Rincewind maybe all the bad luck or people doing me harm would meet my own Luggage and then I wouldn’t have to deal with it and my life would be more matter of fact. If you have never read a discworld novel before then just for this duo you should. They appear in quite a few and never disappoint.

In this novel or story as usual with any that our duo are in it all starts with Rincewind being in the wrong place at the wrong time and of course The luggage having to follow. On this occasion Rincewind gets caught up in someone else’s magic and gets dragged across the disc and is mistaken for a demon. Trust me Rincewind is far from a demon bless but then Eric who summoned him is far from a Demonoligist. As usual Rincewind kinda gets dragged along by someone else and feels obliged to help and dose so in his usual manor. Instead of granting Eric’s wishes or desires they end up on an unrequited adventure together and they travel back in time and then they even go to hell and back. What more could you want from a short fantasy novel? Now you know why I had to buy it and add it to my permanent book shelf and Terry Pratchett collection. (Which is only just over a forth of his entire works, quite dismal for such a fan as I. I am working on it but have to confess I have read over half.)

So it was a great book as all of his work is except it was too short but that is why I read it all those years ago. I think I was about 17 that first time. So it was a great introductory book and enough to wet your appetite or imagination, So you will read or devour another and of course I did.

I hope you do too.



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