Ru’s Dragons!


My dragon’s I can’t take full credit as this pattern came from one of my knitting magazines but as soon as my son sore it he wanted me to make it for him, So I did. It was not as hard as I thought it would be and I soon made it up. He sits in my son’s bedroom now keeping watch while he plays and sleeps.

2013-02-21 12.38.05        2013-02-21 12.37.46        2013-02-21 12.38.40

I had a brain wave about this fello because he is cool and if you follow my blog you will know that I volunteer at the Norwich Beer festival and our logo ALWAYS has a dragon. So I thought why not make a smaller one that I could wear and take with me. So I did some very difficult gigery pokery with the pattern and a lot of trials until I got it to work and then I had a pattern for mini dragons. So you could say these were my creation and the pattern is very different from the original.

These mini dragons or Ru’s babies as I call them only take a few hours from start to finish to knit and sew up. So I got carried away and made lots of different coloured ones with different styled hair, wings so each and every one I made were completely original. I decide to try and sell some at the 36th Norwich Beer festival to my fellow volunteers. (The money went into a pot for my community group.)

So here are my baby dragons:

033   038 034  031

037   029

SAM_3121   039

040   030

032  036




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