Reading self – another library book jumps the cue.


Get the life you really want by James Caan


Well this was an impulse borrow as I was in the library and am doing all this self help thanks to the doctors, the well being team and another blogger so I thought why not a book. I love dragon’s den and when I sore this “quick read” book by one of the dragon’s I couldn’t resist giving it a go.

It was a quick read I started and finished it in one go and only took me a few hours because I actually made notes.


As you can see I made quite a few notes but I won’t bore you with typing them all out.  Although I will make a couple of quotes.

“It’s your mindset, not your ability that shapes how high you will go. In other words, it is your attitude, not your aptitude, that determines your altitude.”

I really liked this one because it means you just need to have a positive “can do attitude” to get what and where you want. (I am getting there.) The other quote really hit home with me because I hate procrastinating or wasted time.

“Value your TIME, and it will become your most VALUEABLE ASSET.”

Admitting most of what he wrote I actually knew but it was the way he wrote it and made references to his own life and the people in his life that made it an interesting read. It was short and sweet but he put it into manageable pieces so you could just read one chapter at a time and most of the notes I made where from the revision of each chapter that he had put into bullet points. So it was a very well thought and laid out book. A dream hand book or reference book really. And yes I did find it helpful even though I knew most of the key points he was writing about because we all forget these obvious things but to have it their in that simple easy to see bullet point layout really helped.

So it is a big thumbs up and a thank you from me.



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