Reading Shelf – I had to admitt defeat on this one, as it was more of a chore than a joy!


Reading in bed. By Sue Gee.


This was one of the first books on my reading shelf list I think because I know I started reading it in January this year. I hate not reading a book that I have started in fact I hate not finishing anything that I have started and believe me I have tried. I thought I started out slow on this book because it had been a while since I had read but then other books got read and this one I could only read a few pages of at the most 10-12.

I knew I might find it quite difficult to relate to the main characters as they were both retires but still they loved reading in bed as do I and thought that would be enough to keep me interested. I guess it would have done if it wasn’t diluted by a very varied cast of characters that were the family of the originals and it got very confusing very fast. I was interested in them all but by the time you got back to them you had forgotten who they were related to as the bit about each were not big enough and because there were so many it made it difficult to keep up.

So alas after nearly three months of trying to read this book on and off and only 131 pages into it I decided…why force myself to struggle on and read it just to say that I had read it when I was finding it more of a chore than a joy.

So sadly this book wasn’t for me.



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