Book shelf – Anne of Avonlea


Anne of Avonlea

By L. M. Montgomery


Well I read Anne of Green Gables last year and it was the book that kicked me off starting to read again because I had wanted to read it since I was young and never did so when I say it I had to borrow it and read it and since then I haven’t stopped reading. So thanks L. M. Montgomery and of course Anne because you reawakened my love of reading and imagination and I am so very grateful.

However this is not Anne of Green Gables it is the follow up to it Anne of Avonlea and I had to wait three month’s to read this due to not knowing you could reserve books from a library and then having to wait for it to come into my local library but guess what my fantastic liberian’s did for me? They only went and reserved the rest of the books about Anne for me. How thrilled I was with them and when I got a letter to tell me they had all arrived for me.

So I began to read and it was just like it was when I read Anne of Green Gables –  it was like reading about a friend or as Anne would call it/me a kindred spirit. I just love the way it is beautifully written and described and yet there is still scope for you to use your own imagination and it is just so easy to read and follow. It quite simply is a wonderful read.

Of course Anne and her friends are growing up and as much as Anne has she is still very Anne like and very funny and still capable of getting into scraps. Although this book was not completely focused on Anne but more her life as she has to spread into the world more. She takes on her first job and sets up a society to improve Avonlea and meets new people and another couple of kindred spirits. So there is much to keep you appetite and keep you from putting the book down just like last time.

In my opinion it all ended much to quickly and Anne is growing up faster than my own babies seem to and it is too harsh to explain how I miss that little girl I first met and fell in love with reading about but alas we all grow up and I was just relieved when I finished it those my lovely librian reserved the other books for me and I had the foresight to bring home the next two because I just can’t wait to find out what will happen to Anne in the next instalment/book.

So am off to start the next one. If you haven’t ever read this classic collection of books then I really think that you should because it is such a joy to read it’s about family, friendships and enjoying the world for what it is and what it offers us all each and every day. I truly feel blessed that I am reading this wonderfully written collection of books about this rather different and spirited girl/young woman who makes you look at life in the best way possible.

I am now off to read the next one…Anne of the Island.



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