2nd April 2014


sorted Dear Diary, God, Me and Everybody else

As promised here I am to tell you of my news from the doctors. I have managed to get some peace and quiet early as my children are sleeping so am writing now so I can hopefully finish my current book and have a bath and get to bed early. (Here’s hoping.) So after my bike ride to the doctors and then having to wait as you always end up doing in every doctors surgery. I was then told that my bloods were fine and that my iron levels are back up to normal, so that is good. Wish they could have saved me the few miles of bike riding and just told me that on the phone yesterday. My cold is getting worse and I have quite a lot to do before I go away to Norwich Friday to see my family.

After I got back I reheated the Leek, Potato and Parsnip soup I made yesterday and we had that for dinner. Then I had to sort out all our clothes and the kids clothes and get them ready to take although am going to have to go through the ironing pile tomorrow. As I can’t find everything I want for the children but at least I sorted through them. So I achieved more than just going to the doctors  today.

However apart from this I think that will be it as my partner has gone to shot rats and my son has woken up when he should have gone to sleep. So he is sitting up with me now instead of sleeping. So not going to get much done as he wont let me leave him. He had a long day at playgroup bless him. My pen pall papers are downstairs so I can’t do that and I can only just reach the keys to type this. So it looks like I am either going to have to do some internet course work or read my book and get that early night after all.

Not a bad day but not a great one either. Please God just help this cold to leave me, I really don’t need it dragging me back down. Trying to keep positive and keep doing things. Getting better slowly and surely.




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