Reading shelf – Northern Lights or The Golden Compass.


Northern Lights aka The Golden Compass.

By Philip Pullman


Well ever since I sore the film and realised that the next one was not going to be made and that I would have to read the books to find out what will happen next but I have to admit I have taken too long to get round to it, but finally I have well I have started with this the first of the Trilogy “His Dark Materials”

Of course I loved the film and they did a great job but as always when they make a film they always change the story to suit their own agenda and simply say it’s because it wouldn’t work on the film but really it’s because they want to change it. So they did change it quite a lot so it was more acceptable for a young audience. As there are some bits that would have been quite upsetting. I was enthralled the whole way through the book. It was a pleasure to read and it flowed from chapter to chapter.

I love the whole concept of people with living souls. What an amazingly creative idea that was and how well it works, it is almost your soul, your conscience and you best friend all rolled into one and I so want one. Just think…how wonderful that would be?  I wish I could have one. Our story follows a child called Lyra who is only 11 years old and who lives in a collage of scholars instead with her parents but she has an Uncle and he checks in on her from time to time. He is Lord Asrieal and he is an explorer/scientist. To put it in very brief terms, Lyra becomes our heroine although she doesn’t really comprehend just how important she is to the story that is unfolding and the destiny that wraps round this world and the others that are about to be discovered by her Uncle and the Church body called The Magasterum. She is a very clever and brave young girl who is out to save her friend and ends up saving so many other children in the process as well as making friends with an armoured bear and a aeronaught. That is one lucky girl.

This is such an amazing story and it is only the beginning of young Lrya’s story. Philip has such a gift of imagination and a way with expressing his vision that we can all join in and I can’t wait for the next instalment.





3 thoughts on “Reading shelf – Northern Lights or The Golden Compass.

  1. I think the movie was good in sense that the daemons were well made but for me it was pretty big disappointment still as they completely switched some parts in the movie. Not okay.
    Haha, I think Lyra was so annoying! I didn’t get how she managed to charm all the bears and people around her. Lucky girl like you mentioned 😀

    Hope you enjoy the next parts!


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