Reading Shelf – Interesting Times.




Interesting times – Terry Pratchett


intresting times


Interesting times is very right but then they always are when you have a story with Rincewind at the heart of it. He is such a beloved character and the worst wizard there is but somehow he always manages to save the day while running away.

Not forgetting his faithful luggage always managing to turn up at the precise time when Rincewind needs his help the most.



This story is of no exception and we find Rincewind on a little Island living out his days or so he thinks being as happy as Rincewind can be but that wouldn’t make for a very interesting story at all now would it. Soon there is a message from an old source to the Wizards at the Unseen University and would you believe it they want “The Great Wizzard” only the other wizards know that they must mean Rincewind because of the spelling but he is definitely no great wizard. Anyway the story unfolds with Rincewind being sent to the oldest empire on the discworld as a savour although the other wizards think they are sending him to his doom.

Rincewind ends up in another adventure he doesn’t want to be in and bumps into a few old friends along the way. Including Cohen the barbarian who has gathered a Horde of his own. This part of the story is a very amusing one as they are all in their eighties or older and still acting like barbarians. Just the conversations they have are so funny. Rincewind also bumps into Twoflower as it is his part of the disc that Rincewind has been sent and unbelievably it is Twoflower’s fault Rincewind and himself are in the mess they find themselves in when they do meet in the most unlikeliest place.








As always Sir Terry dose not let us down and neither do our beloved characters. This was an action packed and funny adventure and it had everything you would expect and a load more that you wouldn’t from our favourite duo. If you like big battles and unexpected twists this is the discworld novel for you. I loved it and know I will read it again. There was so much going on at points that I think that I will have to read it at least a couple more times to fully absorb the story but that is what makes Terry Pratchett so good because each time you read it you understand and take in more or the story or find a different bit funny to the last time you read it.















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