9th April 2014


Dear diary, God, me and every body else,

“Wednesday’s child is full of woe.”

Yes, this is how I am feeling today still can’t get over some annoying family news from yesterday and have got a terrible back ache that I have no idea how I got it but it is getting worse by the minute and even a long hot soak hasn’t really helped. So I’m here to have a bit of a moan to let it all out.

I have tried to keep positive despite my plans being changed due to my Mum’s plans changing. Although I am glad she had a forgotten afternoon out to the Theatre as she doesn’t go out all that much and she loved it. She went to see Cats, bless her. Silly woman completely forgot about going so our plans went out of the window when  she was reminded this morning. Matt and I were going to go into the city of Norwich to get some much needed clothes for our holiday after all it will do no good our children looking good when their parents look a mess. Alas that has had to be put off till tomorrow now but that’s life.

Were here in Norwich for the week to stay with my Mum as it is half term to see everyone and do our shopping before our family holiday in May and to get a long break from the allotment and my mother-in-law before the busy planting and weeding sessions in the weeks to come. We landed here on Friday and we haven’t been shopping unless you count food shopping or the local charity shop. Although I did get a pair of jeans and a hippy caftan top. That is a complete outfit for £3.00 bargain!

Ouch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My back hurts so much and I can’t get comfortable. I just want to be asleep but I couldn’t stay still in bed so am leaning on the side of the sofa with cushions behind my back to write this instead of reading my book because my back ache won’t let me, arrrhhhhhhhh!

This visit has been good so far the kid’s have loved seeing their Silly Nanny and their Auntie and cousins. We spent Saturday with them all up the local park and it was a lovely sunny day. We have also had a take-away and I went food shopping with my Mum and sister. Matt and I have had the chance to sit on the sofa in the evening and watch a film together, (something we don’t get the chance to do at Matt’s Mum’s.)as my Mum has medical issues and with us all here it tires her out faster. So it has been good but we haven’t done what we need to do while were here. Hopefully tomorrow we will get to the city but for now I just want this back ache to back off.

Sorry to be a moaning old bag but pain get’s to me after a while and it is really annoying to get pain every time you pick up or play with your child although I didn’t let it stop me when we went to the park this afternoon as we were blessed with sunshine again. So it is my fault partly because if I just rested it today it might not have been so bad now but it is hard not to do what your children want and ask of you if you can and my Mum has taught me well as she has suffered with a slipped disc that was inoperable for most of my life and she didn’t let that stop her taking us places and doing things. Ok it did obviously but she would do things she wasn’t meant to do and then suffer afterwards in silent to make our childhood as good or as normal as she could make it. So I am trying to follow here example but my pain threshold just isn’t as good because I’m MOANING, although technically not vocally and not in front of my children. So I guess that will have to do. Please forgive me the moan but it helped so thank you as always.



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