10th April 2014 – Two days in a row!


(Thought I would make this image appear bigger today, partly to make this post look different from yesterday’s and partly to let you see the image of me in the eye as I know it’s there but noticed you can’t really see in the previous size what was there. Now you can I hope you appreciate why I use this picture on my diary posts)

Dear diary, God, Me and every body else,

Well today has been a success all be it a painful and tiring day. We did manage to get out although it was dinner time when we left the comfort of my Mum’s little flat and headed to the city on our shopping trip around the streets of Norwich. On our shopping list we had:

Jeans for my partner

my son

and myself

pj’s for our daughter

going out shoe’s for my partner

t-shirts for my partner

knickers for me

a collection of books for me

(to help me finish series of books that I have started)

marker pegs for allotment

Not a very big list really but my partner just happens to be the fussiest person I have ever come across when it comes to clothes and especially shoe’s but I told him he won’t come away with us meaning the children and me if he doesn’t get some going out shoe’s to wear in the evening and some jeans without holes in.  I do not enjoy clothes shopping much myself although I am getting better at it in recent years but going with my partner is more of a pleasure but not when we are looking for items for him. Well I can’t lie I was not looking forward to it and as I feared it did not start well. We went in several shoe shops and I was determined not to go in clothes shops or indeed anywhere else until we had indeed found him some footwear. It was starting to look bleak and my backache was still persisting today.

There was a glimmer of hope in one shop but we looked on and then I started to get grumpy so we went to have something to eat – that always helps, lol. We had Chinese and the caramelised chicken did the trick I think. I decided while we were near a girlie clothes shop that we would have a look and I found and tried on two pairs of jeans. One pair my partner spotted but I wasn’t quite sure about as they were very girlie purple but denim and not really me but I did like them. ( I know it is a contradiction but I am infact one big contradiction.) They both fit although I nearly didn’t get the pair I picked out for myself as I realised when I went to try them on that they were more money than I usually care to pay. They did really feel and look good on and of course my partner gave me that look as if to say “your worth it, don’t doubt it/yourself”, so I agreed or yielded to his better judgement and we got them both. Then we went to the men’s dept. upstairs  and we nearly got a pair of jean’s for my partner. We were so close infact he even tried them on but alas they were not quite right. Nearly!

We went to get a few bargains out of pound shop like tennis ball’s for my Mum’s dog and that is where we also got the marker pegs for the allotment. They were ground floor pegs but we are going to use them to keep the fleece over our veg to keep the bugs extra off. So that was good, another couple of things off our list.

Not quite sure where we went next or what we got next but let me tell you we ended getting everything else on our list and of course like any shopping trip you always end up getting a few things that went on the list that you just couldn’t resist getting. Such as this t-shirt for myself, it was part of a buy 2 for such and such a price and my partner wanted one but not another so I couldn’t resist this one:


So we got my daughter and son their pj’s and jeans along with a batman vest for my son that I just adored and a Spiderman hooded towel that he can use after swimming on our holiday. We also managed to get ourselves a seconded hand dvd player, so we can finally watch films in our look room again. Then after getting all the clothes my partner then mention that he did quite like a pair of shoe’s he sore in the first shop we went in, so we went back and he tried them on and I knew by the look on his face he loved them. I told the gothic looking shop assistant who was very friendly that we would have them. Job done. They were a alligator look black pair and perfect for when we go out somewhere. I was really happy because now when we go out somewhere he won’t feel like a scruff bag in his all day work boots. He was really happy too and the price was very reasonable. So because we still had money left I went into the bookshop that just happens to be near the bus stops and then I had a dilemma as I lost  my piece of paper with the names of the books I wanted so had to try to do it by memory. Ok I did remember some of them but couldn’t get “His Dark Materials” by Philip Pullman unless I wanted all three books in one and the type was faint and too small for my liking and it would just make it hard to read. So I didn’t get it, gutted because I really want to know what’s going to happen next. I did however manage to get the last of the set  by Aprilynne Pike so that made up for it a little and I brought another Terry Pratchett to add to my collection. Maybe I will get a chance to go back on the way home once I find my list.


destined   carpejug

 We had a very good afternoon and the evening got better because the children went to bed reasonably early and as Mum was baby sitting her other grandchildren my partner and I had the living room to ourselves and got to enjoy the treat we got ourselves in peace.


We were not lucky enough to see it at the cinema so it was well awaited and of course we bothe loved it. Then off to bed and dispite my back still hurting and only paraceitimol and my usual tablets to help I did manage to read a few pages of my book before I fell asleep.










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