11th April 2014 – A day visiting my Dad. – Three days in a row, yay me!


Dear diary, God, me and everybody else,

Hey there, today was a wonderful day although it got off to a very slow start because of my backache made it very difficulty for me to get up out of bed and when I finally made it out I was bent over like a little old person with a hunch back. Although having this pain has made me appreciate my Mum all the more as she has suffered with back problems due to a accident at work and it effected all our lives and yet despite her pain she looked after us and hardly ever complained. So I have done what she has always done and just got up and done the best I could through the pain and even though it still hurts and took more effort to do everything I have done my best to do it with a smile and I did quite a lot as you will read.

Did the normal Mummy job like getting the kids fed and dressed although of course my partner helped and their Nanny got up early with my eldest so I wasn’t misted while I was struggling to get up first thing. Then I did the washing up that was left from the night before and then made a pack lunch so we could have a picnic on route to my Dad’s. That’s the plan.

You know what happens with plans though don’t you? Someone always comes along to slow you down or get in your way. It was my Dad first thing on the phone trying to find out if we were going to visit and my reply was not if you keep me on the phone talking all morning we won’t. So he eventually got off the phone and then as I was making the sandwiches for our picnic when my sister and her youngest son came round. So then off course my son didn’t want to get ready to go to his Granddad’s he wanted to stay and play with his cousin. My sister assured me that they were not stopping long and then her other son came in as he got back from football practice. It was good to see them but their short visit wasn’t that short so I dragged my son away from them assuring him that would see them again in a day or so. Then we were off but it was gone one by that point.                Below my partner and my son on the way to the woods and my Dad’s.

SAM_4577                   SAM_4578

We were blessed with lovely weather and the blossom that only spring can give, so of course I took picture of that too. I wish I could have captured the truly magical way that the wind swept it down and it looked like snow falling in the spring.  We all love walking in the great outdoors and today was another walk down a familiar road but it was still a unique experience as always.


After the blossoms we carried on down the road  and this is what we sore as we walked past …


….and arrived at our picnic spot, which was half way and we were all very hungry as it was now going to be a late lunch.

Below are pictures of us having our picnic. Please bare in mind I was in pain and was not looking my best.

SAM_4585      SAM_4583      SAM_4584

As you can see we had a wonderful time! It was a little chilly in the wind when the sun went in but it was lovely none the less. Our daughter was there as well in her pram with us but alas we didn’t get a picture of her eating. We had a kick about before we left this bit of the woods and then went off in search of hills to run up and down. The we got to my Dad’s and it took him awhile to come open the security door as he was also enjoying the lovely day in his garden. He wanted me to take photo’s for his before shots and as I had my camera I thought why not.

So here is a few of his garden:

Garden ornaments!

SAM_4592   SAM_4595   SAM_4590

The garden and the kids

SAM_4588 SAM_4589 SAM_4596   SAM_4600

Not really the type of photo’s my Dad wanted but I like them, lol. The last two are what I would call arty shot’s. The third one was a happy accident thanks to a dirty lens but I think the rainbow makes it seem like something magical is going on that we don’t quite understand. The last one is the floor near the shed and it’s a mix of pink blossom and blue plastic shreds but I thought it looked so pretty there that I just thought it a waste not to take a picture and share it. So hope you enjoy that as well as all the other photo’s, of course.

We spent nearly the whole visit in my Dad’s garden and the kid’s were happy and Dad got some more planting done. So it was a lovely out doorsey visit and afternoon. We also made plans to go out to my Dad’s favourite pub to see a couple of bands play Saturday night, as it has been so long since we have been out with my Dad that we thought we should.

We left Dad’s before five so we could enjoy the walk back but our son was getting very tired so to distract him we went off to find the fairy tree but on our way we sore a squirrel that is why we were crouching down to watch it climb up the tree. Then we went over a couple of hills to reach the tree with roots above the ground that look like rooms. My son has a great imagination but he couldn’t imagine he could see them so I told him they were shy and staying invisible from him but because I have visited them since I was a little girl that I could see them waving at us. He soon cheered up and then I said what I always used to say when I go there, ” Hello fairies, how are you? I do believe in you!” Bless my son he repeat what I said nearly as soon as I said it and then I told him that because we said that two new fairies were born and they named one my son’s name and he was so chuffed and in awe. So we said “Blessed be, may you continue to be free!” and then my son said  “Goodbye.” and we went on our merry way.

 SAM_4615   SAM_4616

We got back and my Mum had made us a wonderful meal for tea and we just chilled out while the children slowly started to calm down and get tired. My son listened to half a story and fell asleep. Mum went to bed a little while later and our daughter crashed out in daddies’ arms as usual now we are watching a little bit of telly and of course I’m writing this but as my laptop is running out of juice, this is it for today.
























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