It’s been three months since I started blogging…Wow and thank you!


It feels like I have been doing this forever not just three months, wow!

I think I am doing well as I reached 50 likes and have nearly as many followers and if I’m honest I never though I would get as many as 10 followers so THANK YOU, each and everyone of you for reading about my boring little life and what I read and moan on about. It really has surmised me and I am grateful to you all for giving me a little boost of confidence.

I started this to help me focus on me and not just me being a Mummy and to remind myself what I want out of life other than my wonderful family and it has helped me do that and has helped with my mood/depression in ways that are hard to explain. I also feel that I am out there as I am following other people’s blogs and learning a lot and being inspired. It all adds up to a wonderful way of learning, experiencing new things and meeting new people, sort of. I love it and fully intend to carry on blogging as much as I can find the time to do, it is hard sometimes with little ones around to escape to my laptop in peace long enough to write. I have several diary pages that I have started and been distracted away from so have not finished and have at least one book review to write and an update on growing our own to do. I will get round to finishing and posting them all soon.

For now please keep following and commenting. One love to all and to all One love.



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