Sorry – it’s been a while!



Hey to all my followers I thought I had better apologise for not posting a blog in a while. So here it is I am sorry! I hope you will all forgive me and keep waiting patiently while  I catch up with all my news and reviews.

I also think you deserve an explanation. I have no idea how I did it but somehow I have trapped a nerve in my back and due to this have spent the last few weeks in a lot of pain and discomfort. At one point I could barely get out of bed and sitting up or standing straight was impossible. I hoped it would pass and tried to be brave and get on but after two weeks of grinning and baring the pain I broke down by losing my temper with my children and then crying my eyes out. My Mother in law took control into her own hands and called the Doctor for me, bless her. So it’s been a few day with medication and I am able to stand up straight and walk again although the pain and ache is still there I can actually do things again. So that’s why I thought I would post this and then work on my back dated diary notes and my book reviews.

Also hoping that this backache doesn’t stick around too much longer as we are going on our holiday in about 4 weeks and I want to be ok to run and play with my children, so please pray or send me healing and as always I send you all love and blessings.





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