Reading shelf – Anne of Windy Willows.



Anne of Windy Willows. By L.M.Montgomery


 Another book in the series all about Anne Shirley and I still adore her, although she is growing up and calming down. She still has her wonderfully imaginative view of life that makes you look a little closer at the simplest things in your own and that is always a good thing.

This book is somewhat different to the others as it is not just the story about Anne but also in the form as letters to her beloved Gilbert. It is lovely to read her hand or her take on certain events as she describes them to him.  It does sometimes feel a little bit like da-jar-view. It also gives me something I can find fault with and that is amazing as this is now the forth book in the series I have read and the only one I can make. It’s not even a fault really merely a missed opportunity and one I wouldn’t have misted as it would have given us the readers more of a rounded view. Can you see what I am getting at? of course you can. She should have included Gilberts reply’s to Anne. So while reading this book I felt a little let down and then every time there was a letter to Gilbert I wanted to know what he would have said to Anne in reply as much as I wanted to know what he was doing and how he was getting . So it all felt rather odd and very one sided. It would have been nice to get to know the man he had become and why Anne fell in loves him. As there seemed to be a lot that we didn’t see/read about when it comes to their relationship.

It was weird reading about Anne away from Green Gables for so long but that was the whole point and it was good to get to know her true grit and she has it in abundance. This book is about her teaching while Gilbert is studying to become a Doctor and thus putting off their Wedding until such a time that he can look after her like he should. So Anne moves to Summerside and lodges with The widows,  Aunt Chatty and Aunt Kate who needed a lodger to help pay for their working woman Rebecca Dew who milks their cow and cooks for them. Anne and Rebecca form quite a close bond during this three year period that she lodges with them. She has the dearest little loft or tower room that Anne fell in love as soon as she sore it and the window looked out onto an old graveyard.

Anne soon takes her post as the Principle of the school in Summerside and meets some very negative parents and teachers as they would have rather one of their own a Pringle and a man would have got her job. It wasn’t her fault but that didn’t seem to stop the Pringle family giving her such a hard time. The Pringles were a large and influential family and Anne has difficulty gaining respect from their children as well as the parents. Anne continues to be herself and tried to make everyone like her and although at some points I as a reader even doubted that Anne’s charm could win them over she managed it and life got increasingly better.

One of my favourite and I think the funniest moments of the whole book. So as to not ruin if for you for those of you that might read this I won’t give too much away but I can not write a review without mentioning it. Anne was invited to supper by one of the younger members of the Taylor family to help ease the tension at a very important family meal and of course Anne couldn’t say no. Needless to say Anne broke the tension and something that had never happened before happened and the whole family were thankful to Anne for the result of her actions. It was so tense but even when it was funny because you just didn’t know how it was going to turn out but you know Anne’s luck and it really helped her in this situation. I laughed so hard and thinking of it now while I write makes me want to read it again.

Three years soon past and Anne learnt a lot about herself and made some more dear friends. As it neared the  end of the book I was sad as it means I am that much closer to finishing them all and will soon have to say goodbye to Anne just like Aunt Kate, Aunt Chatty and Rebecca Dew.





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