What motherhood means to me…



As this wonderful picture of words and this category tells us, this writing was inspired but inspired by what?

In this instance I was inspired by a film and as it was so fitting I just had to do i for myself.

                                     motherhood2                                               motherhood1

The film is called Motherhood and it stares the amazing Uma Thurman and she plays a mother of course and a blogger.  While blogging one day she comes across a competition to win a job blogging and the requirement for the entry was a 500 word essay on:

“What motherhood means to me.”

Motherhood means everything to me and it was very long awaited. I didn’t have any health problems and I must confess… I am surprised looking back that it didn’t happen sooner, when I was young and reckless. Becoming a mother in my very late twenties having to wait longer than I had anticipated has made me appreciate it all the more, I think.

It’s not all hugs, kisses, hand crafted presents and playing all day every day you know. There are a lot of draw backs like the fact you don’t even recognise your own body and I don’t just mean the stretch marks or the extra flab. It’s the lack of ability to control your bladder as much as you once did. Although let’s face it we can all just about cope with that but what’s hit me the most is the realization that I will never ever get another decent lay in EVER and long gone are those days when you can stay in bed all day. I miss those days. The thing is… all these things you miss are out weighed by things you never thought could be so good. Like that unconditional love parents go on about well they were right. It hits you like a sledgehammer, as soon as you see YOUR child and it stays there constantly and never fades. It’s the most amazing feeling in the world . You also get a massive amount of pride with all their achievements even the tiniest ones. Like at the very beginning when you first hear them scream or cry so you know they are alive! That first little murmur and when they grab your finger and squeeze it with everything they have got. Then with every new thing they learn and do you feel so proud because you helped them to learn it or you raised them to be like that or simply because they are yours and you just can’t help yourself but feel it.

Motherhood isn’t about all you get or teach your children really it’s about what they give you like the before mentioned unconditional love and pride but it’s other things too. Like the ability to play like them, using your long forgotten imagination and by doing so you abandon all the fears and inhabitations that adulthood has put upon you and it is so liberating. It also reminds you of how carefree and fun life really is. They teach me so much everyday even if it’s just to enjoy everything because children do.

My children are the best anti-depressant medication there is. They are the reason I get out of bed even on those black day’s.  I am addicted to their laughter. I can’t get enough of the stuff. I’m also dedicated to their happiness more than I ever was my own they will always be my best achievement and the one that will mean the most no matter what I do. They are my EVERYTHING and as important as air.



( This was a great challenge for me. After all it has been a while since I have written anything apart from the odd poem, my diary, reviews and blog posts. This was different this was a brief and a limit of a certain amount of words and let’s face it I waffle a lot. So it’s not surprising it wasn’t easy but that was exactly the point. To challenge myself again and it was that and dispite it taking me longer than it really should due to finding the quiet to sit and draft and proof read and redraft I got there. I just hope it is as good a read for you as I believe it to be.)










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