Exercise Three – I’m big now what?


I have broken this one up into two parts as I found it helpful to do two lists. One with the job’s I’d hate and why and then one about what I want out of life/what I want to do.

Jobs I’d hate:

* Cleaning.

(I hate cleaning up my own mess and the children’s so to do it as a job would be like torture even if I was going to get paid for it.)

* Looking after the sick or elderly.

(For similar reason’s as the first, I hate cleaning up other people’s mess and these jobs must be full of tiding up series mess, yuk. I just couldn’t do it.)

* Waitress or cook

(Especially in somewhere like a fish or chip shop or a fast food chain. The heat and the smell would do me right in let alone standing on your feet the whole time. Let’s not even start on having to wear a uniform.)

 These were the only specific jobs that I know without thinking about that I would hate and have even turned down. This last one was something I have done and would rather not do again.

* Administrator/office work

(I trained and did this for over four years of my life without ever getting paid, apart from benefit money. I loved the work but the office politics and bitchieness just wasn’t doing my mental health any good. Who needs to be around all that back stabbing and negativity while your at work. I couldn’t do it again I don’t think.)

So that is the list as much as I can  think of so at least it is short.

What I want out of life:

* To work with my family and friends by my side or at least spend more time with them than at work.

* To continue learning new skills or just knowledge.

* Run/own land so I can grow on it and feed my family and others who are in need.

* Generally help people.

* Teach. (I don’t care what but I love children and how they are as interested in learning as I am but teaching anyone who wanted to know would be good.

* Live more sustainably.

* Be creative. (Writing, crafting/making things.)

* Feel like I’m making an impact on the community around me, and leaving a life’s work that mean’s something.

Have to admit the first list didn’t really surprise me but the second was like my inner self coming out it really felt profound to read it back to myself because it was like reading my feelings. So it was good to see them in words and realise that I am not shallow and actually want things that are good and meaningful.

So great  exercise.



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