Omg I left my laptop behind….


14th May 2014

Dear diary, God, Me and everybody else,

Yes I know how could I?

I got a lift home from my Dad’s where I was using my laptop and his computer to teach him the basic’s of using his computer to get online. The day’s work/lesson as it were was successful and he remembered what I taught him but as my sister decided to surprise him with a visit and then me with the offer of a lift home. I was then running to someone else’s schedule and had to rush about and in that rush I left my very beloved and only connection to the outside world behind in my sister’s car.

I thought I would be able to cope without having it and I guess I did really but I really didn’t like it. I don’t have a mobile like most of the modern population I just have my laptop to connect to the internet and my family and friends and of course all of my lovely followers. I have misted being able to sign in here and read what others have to say and look at everyone’s photo’s on facebook. So it was great to have it back today and even better to be blogging again.

Today was a very full Friday. Up with my daughter after my partner and son went to playgroup and the allotment so we got to have a fun filled couple of hours to ourselves. I posted a couple of books that someone “MOOCHED” from me and then we went to the park before having to get my son from playgroup. After the walk home we all played in the garden for a little while then my partner came home and we had lunch. We were eating lunch and deliberating doing our food shopping for our holiday or going up to the allotment.  The phone disturbed us and my dinner it was my well being mentor and so for the next half  hour or so we talked about my mood and my progress with dealing with my current pain and then we evaluated my mood/progress. It’s better and a lot more so than I would have thought. I ended up eating a cold dinner but we decided to do our shopping.

After we got home is when my sister came by bringing my laptop and my nephews with her, we were all glad to see her. We had a chat and the children played and confirmed plans to see her after our holiday on her birthday. Then they left and we got ready to go to school as they had a wheel even on for the kids to raise funds for the school. It was good our son had a great time. My back started to give out or my pain threshold did so we left a little early with our tired boy and went home to put him in bed and our daughter was already there.

So here I am catching up with the world and myself and feeling content with my progress of mind and my ability to overcome physical pain and my new determination to overcome the mental block that keeps coming back. I also know that this holiday is just what I need to help me relax and hopefully reboot.

As always I pray you here me.



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