Turning a deeper shade of lobster…17th May 2014


Dear diary, God, me and everybody else,

Today was a early but dull start although our plans were still to go to the allotment as a family and do some more much needed weeding of our strawberry patch. We all got up and set off my partner had our two children in the double buggy and I was on my bike as my back still won’t handle walking over two miles and the weeding. We got there and the whole team was there and that has been a first in well over a year but we all worked nice so to speak and got lot’s done and yeah we pretty much finished weeding that strawberry patch. We also sprayed an area ready to rotter-vate  and my son helped feed and water the chicken and of course collect their eggs. My daughter and I tidied up some rubbish and then my son helped me plant some pumpkins and melons. So a lot was done. Oh nearly forgot rescuing some strawberry plants that got pulled up with the weeds but that saved us a job as we were going to donate some to the school. The weather got out really hot and I mean put extra sun tan lotion on hot. I got quite pink yesterday but now am well and truly lobster colour on my back and arms today. The children had a great morning and didn’t get wingie due to the heat as they were kept busy earning their keep, lol. So a very productive morning/afternoon.

On the way home we deliberated about going to the pub and as we got there one of the villagers we know and get on with an elder fellow that always talks to the children as well as us was sitting outside the pub. So it would have been rude not to stop. I think we deserved a cold one anyway. My partner God love him and me too also, brought some pub grub as well and that was well needed too. If by magic our son who was asleep, woke up just as my partner was going to get a drink. So he got his lemonade, bless him.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in the garden not really doing much except watching the children playing in the garden, going from their bouncy castle to the sandpit and I sat there trying to catch up with my penpal letters. As luck or fate would have it most of my penpal’s all seem to have replied at the same time i.e. now while I am busy getting ready for our holiday but I managed to get two shorter than usual letters written while enjoying the last of the heat from the sun. It worked, I sat facing the sun and got a little lobster colour to my neck and chest. Hopefully now I look a little more even, mission accomplished. Indoors to cook pizza for tea and then the bath and bedtime hour.

My partner, mother-in-law and I then watched “Britain’s got talent” and we had a few good acts on tonight and then another show with Rob Brydant before coming up to bed. So we still need to make sure we have all our packing done and I want to make some soup to take with us and there is a book review I want to finish as well as another book. I think the excitement is getting to me now, after all it will only be two more sleeps till we are off on our first EVER family holiday. It will be great to experience what it will be like to be just us while we are on holiday because believe it or not my partner and I have been living with one of our mother’s the whole time we have been parents. That’s nearly 4 years! I know – right, it’s been tough at times so it will be nice to just be US!

So please bless us with good weather for our holiday, oh lord and the ability to embrace all that the holiday camp has to offer us.We all deserve this break away together. Thank you for today as always.






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