This is why I have been away…


Yes the Loom craze has reached me here in Norfolk England. It has taken over my life but with a gladness as I have been struggling with my depression lately and have fallen behind with my reviews and posts and well just about everything except this crazy new addiction to making things out of loom bands. So at least in all the turmoil of my mind and feelings I am still doing something productive, even if it is just making bracelets and the like.

So here I am with this short post and just about as much as I can manage to write at the moment. To share with you my troubles and reason for not posting but also to share with you some of the things I have been making out of looms. I hope you enjoy them and I will do my best to try and make some more posts soon.

SAM_5646 SAM_5760 SAM_5761 SAM_5762 SAM_5763 SAM_5824 SAM_5828 SAM_5829 SAM_5830 SAM_5831 SAM_5832 SAM_5833 SAM_5834 SAM_5837 SAM_5864 SAM_5865

So as you can see I have been busy despite what my mind is trying to do to me and hopefully I will be able to sell these to help a good cause some time in the future but for now it is helping me not have a break down.

So to all you other loomer’s out there keep trying new designs and to all those of you that think it a silly fad. Your right but it doesn’t do any harm infact it is really helping me and others out there too I’m sure. So embrace it or just let the rest of us be.

One love and blessings to all






Matalida quote…


Obviously I totally agree with this without books and the characters in them that felt like my friends I would have had a lonely childhood, young adult life and a dull adult life. Each book has helped to shape who I have become and those that helped or made an impact beyond just an entertaining read have meant so much to me and I am grateful to all the author’s who have added to the voices inside my head.

So here is one of my favourite quotes and author’s.

book quote10



Reading shelf – Fantastic beasts and where to find them.



Fantastic Beasts & where to find them.

Newt Scamander aka JK Rowling



This book was just a book I borrowed from the library as it was to do with Harry Potter and I hadn’t seen it and of course I knew what to expect after reading the novels I knew this to be a title of a work book they used at Hogwarts in their care of magical creatures classes. So I thought it might be fun to flick through and pass the time on the bus ride home.

I didn’t really expect to read it all the way through like I did in the end but it was more interesting than I first thought. Or I am still a desperate fan who just wants to know as much as I can about the wizarding world, I have grown with and come to love so immensely. It was] also a little insight into Harry, Ron and Hermione as they all wrote little comments in the margins as we all did in our school books to laugh at later or  remind ourselves of something we learn about said subject. So that was the really good part about this book really. So if you haven’t had a look and a laugh at this one already, I think you should as it was very amusing and informative about all the fantastic beasts as well as the trio’s amusing comments.



Our first family holiday! 19th-24th May 2014

Dear diary, God, Me and everybody else,

The day finally came when we were off on our little holiday and I was very excited, the children really didn’t know what to expect and Dad was just placid as always about it all. We got a lift from my sister in law and that was really helpful and we filled her little car till it was overflowing. We arrived at The Wild Duck holiday camp just after 11am and were told we wouldn’t be able to get our key till 4pm but we could leave our stuff in the reception and go on site.


 This is our daughter sitting with our stuff while we make sure we have  everything we need for the day.

So leaving our stuff we went off to explore the park grounds and work out where everything was that we needed to know and it was a very good layout and most things were all in the centre leaving the caravans and camping around the outside. We soon came across a park and had to stop to let the kids out to have a play but by then we had already seen the shops and the bars so why not. This was what our holiday was about doing things for our children and not having to say no.

Here are  some pictures of our first trip to the park, it was great as you can see from our antics.

SAM_5041       SAM_5035       SAM_5045

SAM_5049             SAM_5052            SAM_5039

So we had a wonderful morning and as the children had played on the parker until they had done everything more than twice we headed towards the bar/restaurant called “Sitting Duck” to try out the menu as all our food was still packed away in reception. We were not really impressed with the food but the kids got more than enough and as we were sitting there we got a call from the reception telling us we could go and pick up our key. We took what we could carry and the reception sent someone over with the rest. I made a joke to my partner about the fact that this would be our first ever home together and that he should carry me over the threshold and blow me he did, bless him.

Here is our caravan home

SAM_5072         SAM_5073         SAM_5074         SAM_5075

SAM_5076         SAM_5077         SAM_5078         SAM_5079

SAM_5080         SAM_5081

As you can see we had ample room for a family of four infact it was so spacious I would be quite happy living in one of them. All we would have to do is remove the spare beds and the kids would have enough room for their toys. It dose mean you can’t have any of your own furniture but I can see why so many people buy them. Maybe one day we will and rent it out in the holidays so help pay the mortgage, lol. It made a happy home for us while we were there.

It took us a while to explore our vast  new home and to unpack our stuff but after we did this we made ourselves an evening meal and set off for the lounge where the evening entertainment was going to be. It was just like a nightclub room with a stage and large seating area and bar of course but it also had a gift shop. It was a great room and the kid’s entertainment kicked off at half past 6 ,when the characters would come out for a sing song and get all the children up dancing. It worked and our kid’s loved it even our youngest at 14 months loved it and wanted to be on the dance floor joining in. As you can see:

SAM_5101   SAM_5111   SAM_5113

The names of the characters are as seen on the last picture from left to right: Bradley Bear, Anxious the Elephant (Esmae’s fav), Greedy the Gorilla and Rory the Tiger. (Krystian’s fav.)

They did other stuff with the staff when they were not in these costumes but not as much as a hit. The games were for older children and I thought they were all dragged out for far too long and the prizes of stickers were really a let down. There was also far too much dancing by the women staff I mean who really wants to see young adult women dancing to non ending music? Other than that the entertainment was what you would expect. The children were quite happy I obviously expect too much, lol. WE only managed to catch one show due to our children being young and needing to go to bed and I am glad we did manage to stay and watch it as the children fell asleep on our laps.  They did a medley of songs from the 80’s all from the top films the girlies would love and I have to say that the two staff singers were amazing, truly they shouldn’t be wasting their time on a stage in a holiday club, I guess even the greats had to start somewhere.


There was so much to do that we didn’t quite do everything but I think if we stayed there for a whole 7 days we would have got board of the repetitiveness of the evenings and the frequent visit to the park in the afternoons when there wasn’t much to do for our young children. Mind you them maybe we would have gone swimming a few more times, as we only managed to go once. This was the first time either of our children had ever been in a pool and I was so glad they both loved it.


My son and I are at the front.

We spent one afternoon playing crazy golf and the children loved this although were both too young to really play although our son did have a go and was quite good at some of the easier ones. I was hopeless so yes my partner won although if you ask our son he will shout at you that he won. Lol.

Another afternoon we spent walking the grounds until we found a tree house or a house made out of logs really but it looked good and the kids loved it.

SAM_5142SAM_5144    SAM_5161   SAM_5163   SAM_5157

Our daughter didn’t need help to climb the ladder and steps and she fell in love with the tire swing underneath the tree house. It was a lovely hot day too so it was the best place for her in the shade. We all had a good time, it was just a shame that there wasn’t more made like this as it was such a big hit with everyone young and old.

We spent the mornings doing activates that the staff held for the children there was only one event for babies that we could really take our daughter to and then she was a little too grown up for it but she still enjoyed it nether the less. It was a sensory event but the best bit wasn’t all the different things for her to play with or see it was the fact that her favourite character came and did a song and dance. We also got our phot taken with her too. So that was good.


As my son was that much older there were slightly more activates he could do but again not many but we made sure they both did everything we could possibly let them do while we were there. I really couldn’t tell you what was my son’s Archery and Fencing would be the first two he would say. He was very lucky because on the occasions he went there was only one other boy there so they both got great time and care taken and it was really good of the bloke not to cancel it really. It is clear they both loved it and made firm friends of each other it was so cute how they bonded so fast but then children do don’t they.


SAM_5251     SAM_5248     SAM_5249

It was great just watching him being taught something new by someone and it was obvious he really enjoyed it. I just wish they did classes like this at home or nearby as it would be a lot better than a playgroup or songs in a circle.

We also spent some time in the little arcade and we managed to get quite a few tickets between us in only four days and so Krystian got a handheld mini game and we got some gifts to take home for family members. I also taught my daughter how to collect 2p winings from the tray at the bottom of the machines while I was playing. I have to confess I am rather an addict. I love them and am determined to get the gifts out and after years of practise I am rather good at choosing the right ones to go for or knowing how much to put in to get what I want. So I came home with several wind up cars and over 10 keying’s that I won from 2p machines. My daughter also learnt to stash 2p’s under her bottom so I didn’t take them all away as we found out the first night we played and then put her to bed in the evening finding nearly £2 in the pushchair, lol.

So over all it was a great holiday and we made loads of memories to keep forever and came back with more than we took. Here are the last two photos. One is our stuff in the reception like when we got there and the other is the children in the taxi on the way home after a fun filled holiday. I hope you enjoyed this post half as much as we enjoyed our holiday. I can totally recommend The Wild Duck it was great!


SAM_5420                                                                   SAM_5421