RuCreated – Rainbow loom charms!




Well it has been a while but I have quite a few new charms to show you now and more bracelets to add soon. I have been rather busy looming as I haven’t really done much else with my spare time. So here are the small charms that I have made to add to bracelet’s or turn into necklaces:

A flower

Made just using a hook


Jelly bean’s

These were made using the loom.



Made using the loom.



Flip flops

Made using the loom.


Guinness and beer

Made using the loom.


Peace sign

Made using a hook.


This is my most popular charm I have made to date.


Made on the loom.

SAM_5914                         SAM_5915

So on the left are my first three Minions I made and on the right my son wearing the first Minion on a bracelet. AS you can see he was very happy about it.

Will add more bracelet’s shortly as there are quite a lot of new ones so will add them to another post.

Happy looming!




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