Introduction and hello from me.

Hey all

I am a dreamer and a wannabe writer and lover of most people and the earth but most importantly a mother of two. I ‘m 32 years old and barely got through high school but took lots of courses and work experience when I left school till about 8 years ago when my mental health mainly depression took a turn for the worst and it became hard for me to function in society but alas I have been doing all I can including self help courses, workbooks and group therapy to try and get back on track. Since having my children 3 years ago I have a better grasp on life but still struggle out in the world. In these last few years I have learnt how to knit and am slowly getting myself back into society for my children’s sakes but it’s not easy.

I try to stay positive despite my pain and low mood my children are the best medicine and I know I am a good mother as both my children are happy and healthy and I get great feedback from the teachers at the playgroup about my eldest child/ my son and how advanced they think he is. So I know I must be doing something right.

I love reading and I read a lot to my children but I also like reading novels for myself fantasy is my favourite as it truly feels like I’m escaping. I also love knitting it keeps my nervous hands busy. I am also a pen paler with nearly 15 pals I write to mostly from the uk but a few from around the world. It’s a great way to get to know someone and it is lovely to receive a letter in the post and feel connected to someone from miles away. I just love it. I also have a few other internet groups I am part of and a couple that I run myself. One is just an information page about living off the land and growing your own food.(Norfolk Landsharing on facebook) I also have a group on facebook called Swop shop for my friends and I to swop items via the mail that we no longer want or use for something we will with each other and it seems to be doing well. So I do try to be busy with things I can do when I am ok but that don’t give me grief if I can’t do it when I’m not up to it. I also like fishing with my partner and son in the warn weather. This hobby surprises me but it’s not as boring as it looks. I also like cooking new recipes with the same ingredients we get off the allotment and of course weeding and planting and growing on the allotment. I also love bingo and the 2p arcade machines the only gambling I allow myself to do.

Lastly I am a lover of the earth and all that’s in it although I believe that the animals and trees extra are all here for us but we should hunt and kill only what we eat and not for ivory or skin. I firmly believe their is a higher being and I call him God and I believe in his son Jesus but I believe he was a Jewish man and not a white man despite what I have been taught I know better. I also believe in a lot of what some Christians believe to be magic or the devils work such as aromatherapy and herbology. I also consider myself to be a hippy and with that I give you peace and love xXx


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