This is why I have been away…


Yes the Loom craze has reached me here in Norfolk England. It has taken over my life but with a gladness as I have been struggling with my depression lately and have fallen behind with my reviews and posts and well just about everything except this crazy new addiction to making things out of loom bands. So at least in all the turmoil of my mind and feelings I am still doing something productive, even if it is just making bracelets and the like.

So here I am with this short post and just about as much as I can manage to write at the moment. To share with you my troubles and reason for not posting but also to share with you some of the things I have been making out of looms. I hope you enjoy them and I will do my best to try and make some more posts soon.

SAM_5646 SAM_5760 SAM_5761 SAM_5762 SAM_5763 SAM_5824 SAM_5828 SAM_5829 SAM_5830 SAM_5831 SAM_5832 SAM_5833 SAM_5834 SAM_5837 SAM_5864 SAM_5865

So as you can see I have been busy despite what my mind is trying to do to me and hopefully I will be able to sell these to help a good cause some time in the future but for now it is helping me not have a break down.

So to all you other loomer’s out there keep trying new designs and to all those of you that think it a silly fad. Your right but it doesn’t do any harm infact it is really helping me and others out there too I’m sure. So embrace it or just let the rest of us be.

One love and blessings to all






Trying to add a poll…


Hey hope I have done this correctly? I am trying to add a poll to get you my readers to help me with what content you would like more of on my blog.



Sorry – it’s been a while!



Hey to all my followers I thought I had better apologise for not posting a blog in a while. So here it is I am sorry! I hope you will all forgive me and keep waiting patiently while  I catch up with all my news and reviews.

I also think you deserve an explanation. I have no idea how I did it but somehow I have trapped a nerve in my back and due to this have spent the last few weeks in a lot of pain and discomfort. At one point I could barely get out of bed and sitting up or standing straight was impossible. I hoped it would pass and tried to be brave and get on but after two weeks of grinning and baring the pain I broke down by losing my temper with my children and then crying my eyes out. My Mother in law took control into her own hands and called the Doctor for me, bless her. So it’s been a few day with medication and I am able to stand up straight and walk again although the pain and ache is still there I can actually do things again. So that’s why I thought I would post this and then work on my back dated diary notes and my book reviews.

Also hoping that this backache doesn’t stick around too much longer as we are going on our holiday in about 4 weeks and I want to be ok to run and play with my children, so please pray or send me healing and as always I send you all love and blessings.




It’s been three months since I started blogging…Wow and thank you!


It feels like I have been doing this forever not just three months, wow!

I think I am doing well as I reached 50 likes and have nearly as many followers and if I’m honest I never though I would get as many as 10 followers so THANK YOU, each and everyone of you for reading about my boring little life and what I read and moan on about. It really has surmised me and I am grateful to you all for giving me a little boost of confidence.

I started this to help me focus on me and not just me being a Mummy and to remind myself what I want out of life other than my wonderful family and it has helped me do that and has helped with my mood/depression in ways that are hard to explain. I also feel that I am out there as I am following other people’s blogs and learning a lot and being inspired. It all adds up to a wonderful way of learning, experiencing new things and meeting new people, sort of. I love it and fully intend to carry on blogging as much as I can find the time to do, it is hard sometimes with little ones around to escape to my laptop in peace long enough to write. I have several diary pages that I have started and been distracted away from so have not finished and have at least one book review to write and an update on growing our own to do. I will get round to finishing and posting them all soon.

For now please keep following and commenting. One love to all and to all One love.




Wow, thank you all who have liked one of my posts. I have just reached the 100 likes star and am very grateful to you all for helping me reach this milestone on my blog.

I only really started this blog to help myself feel less depressed and more proactive and to think that there are 100 people who bothered to click to tell me they liked something I wrote, means the world to me. So thank you so much!