When you read a book and reallise it’s not the first one in a series…

wildspellswings         destined

Yes this happened to me recently and again yesterday. I brought a book from a charity shop ” Wild” and started reading only a few pages in did I realise that it was talking about past events as if I should know about them. By this point I was already hooked on the story and the main character. So I continued reading telling myself that I would get the first book or just carry on from the next one. So I reserved the next one from the library and was so excited when it came in. Although when I got it home and was in bed and started to read it I soon realised that I had made another mistake. I wasn’t reading the next one that continued the story but the one before the one I had already read. This was the second one. “Spells” So I decided that I couldn’t carry on reading it because after just a few pages it felt like I was reading the past. So am very disappointed but at least I now know that “Wings” is the first one, “Spells” is the second and the one I read “Wild” is the third, so the one I need is Destined. Then I can start from the beginning again. So think I am going to have to buy this series of books now.

wings spellswild            destined



Burnt book – burning books!

While walking in the woods with my son we came across this:


My son was very vocal about it saying things like: That’s naughty Mummy. I was disgusted.