Christmas decorations…


Another collection of knitted makes thanks to one of my magazines. (I love them) They didn’t all come from the same one though but I liked them all and gave them a go and now my Christmas tree has some of my hand knitted decorations on it and most of my family and friends have at least one as well as they made a lovely Christmas present too.

A star!


This one was rather fiddly to make as it is made up of five pieces that you then have to sew together. This was how the pattern was in the book but I made two of these and then sewed them together and stuffed to make it look more 3d. Unfortunately I haven’t got a photo of that one as it is now packed away in my Christmas box but will add it at a later date.

Round baubles!

SAM_3125       SAM_3126

These were slightly harder to make as I hade to use five double pointed needles and knit in the round. The first one I did in green with two different shades of green in a stipy pattern and the second I did in the Fair Isle pattern.

Fair Isle Teardrop baubles

SAM_3218       SAM_3213

Believe it or not these were easier to knit than the round baubles and look more elegant if you ask me. These are both made using the Fair Isle pattern but in slightly different colours.

Oh Christmas tree!


Again I had to make this with double pointed needles on a round but it wasn’t as difficult as the round baubles and the end result is well worth it. A Christmas tree decoration to put on your Christmas tree. So ironic I love it.

Father Christmas!

2013-10-07 10.15.36

 This was knitted on normal needles but it was not difficult at all and makes a great addition to anyone’s tree.

(These are all available to order/buy/swop on my facebook page RuCreated)






Not a very flattering photo of me but it dose just about show you the long cardigan I knitted with chunky wool and big needles. It was my first attempt of a jumper, I know I don’t do things by half’s. It had a slip stitch pattern in it to create holes on the sides for decoration. It was great to do but I did make a slight mistake as one of the sleeves is slightly bigger than the other but it is still great for being cosy in.

2013-04-20 15.47.16

This looks more complicated than it is because of the colour changing wool I used. It was actually a very simple little cardi.

2013-03-30 22.34.04

This was another simple little cardi but the roses make it look more glam. These were great to make and make the simplest item look fab.


RuCreated – Knitting


Here is another collection of some of the knitted item’s that I have already made.

One ball scarf!

A scarf made from one very expensive and specially designed ball of wool. All you had to do was knit and the wool did the rest. I made several of these and gave them away as gifts. It was a very rewarding.


Fingerless cable gloves!

These are fingerless gloves or mittens with a cable pattern to them and were not as hard as you would think once you get the hand of using a cable needle. I really quite enjoyed using the cable needle and it give you a very good pattern. Love these too, great for making a plain pair of gloves look more interesting or just great on their own.

2012-04-10 17.35.34             2012-04-10 17.35.03

A Halloween knit – Eyeballs!

SAM_2692              SAM_2690

A knitted bowl!

This was a very quick and simple make. Perfect for your rings and things.


Baby Bunny Booties!

AS soon as I sore the pattern of these in a magazine I had to make them and although these photo’s are in different colours they work really well in white. Both my children wore these when they were babies and they make great gifts.

SAM_2332                        2013-10-04 16.53.02


RuCreated – Knitting!


So after I had mastered the squares with just knit and then knit and purl I decided I needed to try something else. So here are some of the first makes that I made:

Easter eggs!

These were really simple to make and they were a hit with the children. They are cheaper than buying lots of chocolate eggs to hide in the garden.

2013-05-02 10.25.22

Baby’s Alice Band!

The flowers were really great fun to make and make so much difference to the plain Alice band.

2013-04-30 19.04.19

Sweat Band!

2012-04-10 17.36.09

Ski – Styled Head Bands!

These were more difficult than I had anticipated but I did get there after a few attempts.

2012-04-23 23.41.51


2012-04-10 12.40.46

These look really difficult but they were not at all. Infact the pattern and the colour change was very fun.

Monster heads!


These little fella’s are great and children, cats and small dogs seem to enjoy chewing them. Lol.

RuCreated – Knitting!


In the beginning…

I started knitting because I wanted my children to have blankets and cardigans made with love and I also gave a very nervous nail biter something to do with my hands. (It worked btw)

I just knitted squares until I stopped dropping and adding stitches. Lol.

Then I stitched them all together and created my first blankets. Then I made cushion covers and throw overs.

2013-02-21 12.41.16

2013-02-24 17.12.55

2013-02-24 17.13.43