My journey through…Find your path to life series by Doug does life.

It all started with liking my latest diary post. As we all know we can’t help but go and look at their blog when someone does that. I was won over by the cartoon of his monkey friend and the way this livens up his whole blog. I felt like I was in blog heaven and hell because I wanted to read it all and at the same time I didn’t want to so I could read more tomorrow. I did look at a lot of his different sections and just fell in love with his openness and then when I stumbled across his” How to find your life path” section I knew I hit the jackpot. Currently I am receiving help with my depression to get me back on track and it is helpful but when I found this I knew it would really help.

So I started straight away and did the first two exercises. I then gave up for the day or early hours and went to sleep knowing that I had achieved something positive. I knew that Doug’s blog had already helped me and gave me a new sense of hope that I could/am helping myself.

I have been back many times in the last couple of weeks and am slowly doing the exercises and reading his other posts. I had the thought that as I am doing these exercises that I want to share them and my findings with you all. So I thought it best to messaged Doug to ask his permission if indeed I could post my answers to his exercises. I also said that we could link them to his blog too, who knows it might help others to see that it doesn’t just work for him but someone else. Of course he said yes.
So here I am introducing Red, my dragon and our answers to Doug and Monkey’s exercises. I also want to make a public thank you to them both for all their inspiration, hope and the ability for me to find myself again. Thank you from the deepest parts of our heart and soul.




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