Reading shelf – Fantastic beasts and where to find them.



Fantastic Beasts & where to find them.

Newt Scamander aka JK Rowling



This book was just a book I borrowed from the library as it was to do with Harry Potter and I hadn’t seen it and of course I knew what to expect after reading the novels I knew this to be a title of a work book they used at Hogwarts in their care of magical creatures classes. So I thought it might be fun to flick through and pass the time on the bus ride home.

I didn’t really expect to read it all the way through like I did in the end but it was more interesting than I first thought. Or I am still a desperate fan who just wants to know as much as I can about the wizarding world, I have grown with and come to love so immensely. It was] also a little insight into Harry, Ron and Hermione as they all wrote little comments in the margins as we all did in our school books to laugh at later or  remind ourselves of something we learn about said subject. So that was the really good part about this book really. So if you haven’t had a look and a laugh at this one already, I think you should as it was very amusing and informative about all the fantastic beasts as well as the trio’s amusing comments.




Dear diary, God, me and everybody else… 18th February 2014


Well I did say I would try my best not to leave it so long next time I write so here I am only a day later and how it should be really. Although realistically I know it won’t last long because I know what I am like so enjoy it while it lasts. Lol.

So I got a face book message last night from my sister telling me that she was bringing her youngest boys and our Mum for a visit. It has only been a few weeks since we were there for a couple of days but it feels like a long time to all of us and as my partner and I are trying to save money for our holiday and for stuff for our new house when it comes up we are trying to cut down our spending. So visiting my family on the bus and spending money doing it and just being in Norwich is a no no every fortnight. Although we were planning on going next week but my sister thought as it was half term she would bring everybody. It was lovely news.

Woke up about an hour after my partner and my son and as usual just as I was getting up and dressed my daughter decided to wake up. So I was half dressed and then had to grab her out of her cot and hug her and love her and get her dressed. Then my son decided to come and wake me up, ha ha I was already awake, bless him. So then I got him dressed, although he was not exactly in the mood to do this simple task this morning. He was too busy playing already and so the discussions or debates with my 3 year old started. He hid in my bed and tried to escape and then was shooting me and nothing seemed to work until I broke and told him who we were expecting. Then as if by magic he agreed to get ready because he didn’t want His Aunty, Nanny and cousins to be sent home without him being allowed to see them. I know a tad harsh but it worked, didn’t it? Big mistake really because I knew from then on all morning all I would hear is “When are they coming?” and I was right I did. I Then tried to finish getting myself ready while my daughter was crawling around my bedroom. I hate mornings like this because I am never really awake until I have had at least 1/2 pint of Coca-Cola and my first rollie oft he day and yet I feel like living with my mother in law in her house that I should get me and the children dressed before going  downstairs. It doesn’t always happen sometimes I do need that rollie before I can deal with it but if I’m having an ok mood day like today I try to get us all dressed and I did and got downstairs at the reasonable time of 9.45am and guess what? Mother in law wasn’t even here she had gone out. Typical.

My partner was doing his  best to pump up his tires on a very old fashioned and old bike as he was going to go up the road a mile to the allotment. So he had to go in while I stayed out to have my rollie. 5 mins peace and much needed nicotine hit to keep me awake. I love that time in the morning even if I have to go outside to enjoy my hit. Although sometimes I am thankful for it as if I am blessed I get to see birds or the neighbours cat but not such joy this morning but it is still nice to look out onto a nice garden.

Back into the madness and my partner and me do the dance around the kitchen while we make coffee or pour another coke and make baby bottles. My partner still had to get ready to go and feed the chickens and I decided that making some buns for when my family got here would be a good idea. Well the kids had cbeebies on and were watching it or looking out the window. So I set to baking, choc chip buns. My partner kissed us all goodbye and off he went. I finished the buns, put them in the oven and my son and I licked the bowl clean.

My family arrived and my sister brought her little dog with her, joy. My timing was practically perfect as after everyone got in the door and through to the living room the buns were ready. So I took them out and then make coffees. It was lovely to have my family here, I know this is going to sound or read bad but without my partner or my mother in law being here. It was nice it was like it might be when we have our own house. If my mother in law was here she would have been on edge that my sisters dog was doing what little dogs do and she would have felt that she had to make coffees and the like and it was just nice that I got to do it and not have to worry about her being on edge or feeling like she was in the way. I gave my nephew a long overdue present he asked me to knit for him and a couple of Harry Potter books that I had got to help his collection as he only has a couple of the books and you have got to encourage those young minds to read great things.

It was a wonderful day! Just chatting, being and watching the children play and the dog, lol. It was good to be around my family and have good news to share although not a lot but I wasn’t moaning about anything and neither were they. The children all got on and it was just a great day!

It was sad when they went but I was also glad as I was tired and as my daughter was falling asleep on her daddy and my son and I settled down on the sofa and soon after fell asleep too.

Hours went by while we slept and when we woke we all just had left overs from the fridge and watched a little tv then a film in bed. We put the children in their own beds and put a more grown up film on while I wrote this and got a massage from my partner.