Still helping to keep me sane, as funny as it sounds but the moments I get to learn or share a new design is a small achievement.  I can’t deny it feels good to achieve something even if it is just a new charm or bracelet, it feels good and passes the time or keeps my hands busy while I am watching the telly. So as promised here are some of my other makes and more complicated bracelet’s.


Simply made on a hook, very easy and great to use up odd bands.



Necklace’s and Bookmark’s!

Various types of chains some with brought charms and others with loom made ones such as the Ladybird, cross and of course the flower.

SAM_6629             SAM_6626

Bracelet’s with bead’s!

A plain fishtail in black bands with rasta beads.

A Ladder bracelet in white with pastel star’s.



Rainbow coloured bracelet’s:

The ladder, Hula Hoop’s and Tidal wave design’s.

               SAM_6633         SAM_6634        SAM_6311

The Dragon Scale Bracelet.

In Neon and in plain red. I love these ones and have them in most colour’s.


SAM_6631             SAM_6630

I hope you all enjoy my latest lot of loom bands as much as I do. I have been asked to make some Halloween charms by my son. So like any good Mum I will be working on pumpkin’s and ghosts next and more beer charms and a dragon (if I can find one on youtube )ready for the Norwich Beer festival. Until then good luck with your Looming but if you can’t Loom and want one of these just go to RuCreated on Facebook.









RuCreated – Rainbow loom charms!




Well it has been a while but I have quite a few new charms to show you now and more bracelets to add soon. I have been rather busy looming as I haven’t really done much else with my spare time. So here are the small charms that I have made to add to bracelet’s or turn into necklaces:

A flower

Made just using a hook


Jelly bean’s

These were made using the loom.



Made using the loom.



Flip flops

Made using the loom.


Guinness and beer

Made using the loom.


Peace sign

Made using a hook.


This is my most popular charm I have made to date.


Made on the loom.

SAM_5914                         SAM_5915

So on the left are my first three Minions I made and on the right my son wearing the first Minion on a bracelet. AS you can see he was very happy about it.

Will add more bracelet’s shortly as there are quite a lot of new ones so will add them to another post.

Happy looming!



This is why I have been away…


Yes the Loom craze has reached me here in Norfolk England. It has taken over my life but with a gladness as I have been struggling with my depression lately and have fallen behind with my reviews and posts and well just about everything except this crazy new addiction to making things out of loom bands. So at least in all the turmoil of my mind and feelings I am still doing something productive, even if it is just making bracelets and the like.

So here I am with this short post and just about as much as I can manage to write at the moment. To share with you my troubles and reason for not posting but also to share with you some of the things I have been making out of looms. I hope you enjoy them and I will do my best to try and make some more posts soon.

SAM_5646 SAM_5760 SAM_5761 SAM_5762 SAM_5763 SAM_5824 SAM_5828 SAM_5829 SAM_5830 SAM_5831 SAM_5832 SAM_5833 SAM_5834 SAM_5837 SAM_5864 SAM_5865

So as you can see I have been busy despite what my mind is trying to do to me and hopefully I will be able to sell these to help a good cause some time in the future but for now it is helping me not have a break down.

So to all you other loomer’s out there keep trying new designs and to all those of you that think it a silly fad. Your right but it doesn’t do any harm infact it is really helping me and others out there too I’m sure. So embrace it or just let the rest of us be.

One love and blessings to all