Children’s books reviews!

I read ALOT of books to my son who is three as we read at least three every night and sometimes during the day too. I know to some this may seem like too many but he loves books and hearing a story and it’s our quiet time together before he goes to bed. It has also rubbed off onto his father who doesn’t read himself but now under dress from his son he reads to him now and again. So I think to myself that not only have I encouraged my son to loved stories/reading but in turn he is encouraging his father. So I’m a very proud Mummy. Now our daughter is one and coping what her brother is doing she in turn now loves pretending to read. If my son has left a book about the house she finds it and flicks through the pages but she especially likes my books as they are thicker and she likes the breeze the flicked pages make. So she is surrounded and interested in books already. My son always tries to pick out a noisy or bright book out for his sister at the library and at times like those I know I’m doing a good job.

That’s not why I’m writing though but I thought a little bit of background might explain why I am now choosing to review these children’s books. It is the¬†simply fact that I read so many that when a good one or in this case two come along they make an impact on me as an adult not just on my son. So I thought I would write about the ones that stand out in the many and share with all you parents out there that want more than just your average book for bedtime.

So here are my first two reviews:


Seven for a secret

By Laurence Anholt & Jim Coplestone


This was truly enchanting and based on the song about magpies “One for sorrow, two for joy, three for a girl, four for a boy” and so on. If you haven’t heard that song then this is a brilliant way to read it and learn it and experience it and if you have it’s a very lovely way to re-experience it in a new way. I will warn you though Mums and Dads that this one did make me cry. It is such a sweet story and it isn’t really even a story in the original sense either. It is told to you via letters written and then received from a young girl and her grandpa. Such a clever and inventive way of telling you this story of love, hope, kindness, family, loss and everything else in-between.

I adored it and my son quite liked it although I am quite relived he didn’t quite understand all of it as he’s a sensitive soul and I think it would of upset him if he really understood it. So I would advise you to read this one first on the base that it might upset your child but it is also a good way to deal with loss and it is done in such a lovely way.

With each letter/page you read you really felt that you were getting to know the whole family and not just the young girl and her grandpa. I found it sad because as an adultt you kinda knew what was coming but it still ending in such a way to surprise you and make up for the tears you may have shed. So please don’t be put off by the little sad bit because it is such a lovely story about friendship and family and of course sharing a song and a love of magpies and of a very special secret.

I think I am a better person for having read it and thank the writers and publishers for this little gem of a book. I know it will stay with me for quite some time to come.

“I found this picture while looking for one for our next book and just had to include it.”


Library Lion

By Michelle Knudsen

Illustrated By Kevin Hawkes


Well this book is about the obvious but it is such a wonderful tail, pardon the pun that we re-read it again and again. You disregard that it is silly that a lion would just walk into a library and that it behaves on the most part very well. Infact you even start to believe that it is quite possible. The pictures really do help you on that side as the lion looks so friendly and calm you can’t help hoping you could have one just like him in your library.

It is a very charming story about this lion who loves stories and just wants to be able to come and listen and then decides to be an honorary librarian. Most people seem to warm to him and the children and head librarian love him but he has words or Roar’s with one fellow but in the end they seem to work it out. The underlining story is about rules and following them. So it has a good little moral as well.

We both really liked it and I am sure you all will too.



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