Book shelf – Anne of the Island


Anne of the Island.

By L. M. Montgomery


Well it doesn’t feel like long ago I had finished the last Anne book but I just can’t seem to her down and stop reading. I want to know how it ends and this book was exactly the same as the first two.

Except of course the story, the writing is still as descriptive as ever and it all flows as easily. So I am still in love with the way L.M. Montgomery writes and describes her story. Anne and her friends are in their last year of collage and so much has happened to them already and so much more happens in this one it seems hard to believe.

This book is mainly about finishing collage and growing up and beginning to go their separate ways. Two of Anne’s best friends are so grown up that they get married and leave poor Anne behind and despite her having her own handsome beu she still feels a pain about her old chum Gilbert and his finance whenever mentioned. As we all grow just like Anne and her friends we change from what we thought we would be when we were young thinking and dreaming of our grown up selves into what our lives has shaped us to be. Anne is no different and is slowly coming to terms with the fact that her imagination of things are just that and life never turns out  the way we imagine them too. She is growing up and it is still thrilling to be along for the ride.



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